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Is it good to eat meat? Short

Is it good to eat meat?

It is high in zinc, iron and protein, but increases cholesterol and cancer risk. Meat is the best source of protein and iron, but also a food that is said to be related to cancer. Children and adolescents (especially girls) are often diagnosed with zinc deficiency.

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Almost 50% of women forget about pills Short

Almost 50% of women forget about pills

Two out of five women have an unwanted pregnancy as a result of the wrong administration of contraceptive pills, an international study by Richter Gedeon shows. Thus, women who will buy contraceptives from pharmacies, whether rural or urban, will also receive a beeper to remind them when it's time to take the pill.

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The child does not want to share. What to do? Short

The child does not want to share. What to do?

How to teach young children to share? Here's a "hot" topic, for most parents. On the one hand, they want to encourage the little ones, from preschool age, to be generous, kind and to take into account the wishes and needs of others. On the other hand, they want to "do good" as parents in the eyes of the world.

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Volumetric diet Short

Volumetric diet

The volumetric diet is a smart weight loss regime, perfect for gourmets and greedy people, who want to eat on saturates, but lose at least 1 kg per week and improve their health. What is volumetric diet? The volumetric diet was created by American physician Barbara Rolls, who devised the diet plan based on the dietary needs and preferences of most people.

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5 secrets in baby care and growth Short

5 secrets in baby care and growth

You always try to foresee all the unpleasant or uncomfortable situations that you might face when you are having a baby with you and be, with the help of books or the internet, well prepared to prevent them. Even so, there are still a few situations that you may have never thought of and could be faced with when you're a new mom.

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Constipation in a 2-year-old child Short

Constipation in a 2-year-old child

Question: - My daughter of 2 years and 2 months has daily chairs but with weight, the first part is hard and then a normal chair. I mention that eating diversified as follows: at 08.00 chamomile tea with honey, 09.00 milk with cereals, 11.00 fruit juice, 13.00 bag / soup / mash with meat, 17.00 a yogurt, 18.00 a tea with honey, 19.

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Colic, the first pain of the baby Short

Colic, the first pain of the baby

Are you a fresh mom and your baby stops crying? Is he irritable, his knees tight to his chest and he has a restless sleep? This is not the time to panic, rest assured that you have done nothing wrong! It is the period of colic, through which 80% of babies pass, after the first week of life.

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The most beautiful boys' names Short

The most beautiful boys' names

Did you find out that you are about to become the mother of a boy and have you already started to search, along with your husband, for a name that is representative of his personality? Choosing the name can be a difficult task, so we help you out with a list of the most beautiful boy names! Adrian: It has its origins in Ancient Rome, coming from the Latin Hadrianus.

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Toothpaste that rebuilds enamel Short

Toothpaste that rebuilds enamel

In the UK, a toothpaste has been launched that rebuilds tooth enamel, writes "The Telegraph". In the UK, a toothpaste has been launched that rebuilds tooth enamel, writes "The Telegraph". The paste clogs the teeth with a layer of liquid calcium, the mineral from which the enamel is built, which helps the teeth repair themselves.

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When we introduce green beans into the baby's diet Short

When we introduce green beans into the baby's diet

Green bean is a vegetable that few people know that, apart from its basic vitamins and minerals, it has an increased content of Omega 3 fatty acids, essential for the development of the baby's brain. Also, a less known fact about this healthy food is that it "feeds" with a good part of the sugar in the body, thus preventing the onset of diabetes.

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5 swings for children Short

5 swings for children

Are you looking for safe and functional baby swings in which your baby can sleep just as well as having fun? No matter how much you want it, you can't hold your chicken all day and it is not recommended to do so. The baby should learn to stand alone and feel comfortable and away from your arms.

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6 ways to introduce more fruits and vegetables into the family diet Short

6 ways to introduce more fruits and vegetables into the family diet

Are vegetables and fruits the last place in your family's food preferences? Are they always left at the end of the plate or do they always go to the trash? You are not the only family facing this problem. If you do not know what to do to get your loved ones to eat more fruits and vegetables, we offer you some simple tips to place them in the top of their culinary preferences!

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Week 15 of pregnancy Short

Week 15 of pregnancy

Article reviewed by Dr. Anca Panaitescu, specialist obstetrics-gynecologist, Clinical Hospital Philanthropy In week 15 of pregnancy, your baby's body has various premieres, such as the appearance of eyebrows or hair on the head. How big is the baby in week 15 of pregnancy At a length of 10 cm (from the top of the head to the seat) your baby has a weight of 50-70 grams, being the size of a larger apple.

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Anemia during pregnancy Short

Anemia during pregnancy

Find out how anemia can be detected and how serious it is! Also, find out what treatment is recommended! A mild degree of anemia is very common in pregnancy, with severe anemia being very rare. Anemia is detected by blood tests and can be easily treated. Mild anemia of pregnancy occurs especially in the second part of pregnancy and can be treated with iron supplements.

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How to have long eyelashes Short

How to have long eyelashes

What woman does not want long, thick eyelashes to give her a penetrating, seductive look? If you do not count yourself among the lucky ones who have been gifted by nature with such genes, I bet that in the desire to obtain them you have even considered resorting to fake genes or even investing exorbitant amounts in gene extensions.

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First Christmas greeting card Short

First Christmas greeting card

The first Christmas greeting, in which members of a family appearing with lots of food and drink, was invented in the United Kingdom, in the 19th century, by the director of a museum. The British send the largest number of postcards in the world, each of them sending, on average, 27 greetings cards.

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How to avoid headaches Short

How to avoid headaches

The headaches are the nightmare of the good mood, as they stubbornly make their presence felt exactly when they shouldn't. Isn't it so that every time the world is dearer to you and you have more fun, you get a headache that cuts off your head from anything? It is almost in their "threads" to appear at the most inopportune times and to give you all the plans.

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New centers for the detection of hepatitis Short

New centers for the detection of hepatitis

Approximately 16,000 Romanians suffering from viral hepatitis B or C could benefit from free analyzes and consultations starting later this year. The initiative belongs to the Sano-Hep Romania Association, which intends to open two diagnostic and treatment centers in Bucharest and Brasov. The analyzes are free only for a certain number of patients per month, all Sano-Hep members, according to the budget.

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Foreigners storm Eurovision Junior Short

Foreigners storm Eurovision Junior

Eurovision 2012 - The New Star Music Final - the four places that will represent Romania. Statistics show that foreigners are extremely interested in the competition, even more than Romanians. Almost every foreign delegation will be accompanied by journalists from the written press, audio or the Internet. To these are added filmmakers and commentators from the television broadcasting the contest in each participating country.

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