13 parenting tips written in books

13 parenting tips written in books

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The mother experience will put you in the face of a lot of surprising situations and often difficult to understand or control, which you will not find listed or "solved" by illustrious specialists, in books with and about child care.

Here are some unpredictable situations and tips that might get you well, which nobody warns you too much about, either because only you can happen (as you may think at the time), or because they are so rare. that nobody paid too much attention to them! Sure, nobody but you ... now!

1. If your baby has lost his or her favorite toy, you will really know what the "end of the world" means, if you do not look for it and find it quickly. Nothing compares to a child who wants something deep inside and doesn't get it: tears, sighs, jokes, screams, gestures - a real behavioral storm. Do well and train your detective talent early in the search for the most beloved objects of the child.

2. Never, but never, leave the child holding a snack or candy (or any other food) in your hand near your laptop or computer! Irreversible damage could be a consequence!

3. Never give the vacuum cleaner in the house before giving the child to eat or snack biscuits, puffins or puffins. It will be called "work in vain"!

4. Finally, you have found that he likes a certain food and you tend to take advantage of it by offering it as often as you like, every day. One thing you need to know about a small child: what he likes to eat today is not valid for tomorrow! It changes quickly, so be prepared with backups!

5. If your little one is looking insistently at you, he blushes in the face, takes the cuffs back or laughs anapoda ... he certainly did something wrong or did it! Hide something! These are the signs of the little liar, so, start looking for the nightmare he has committed!

6. The child bursts into bouts of anger and behavioral problems exactly when you are totally disarmed - when all the help you leave - your husband at work, grandmother at home, etc. - and you are left alone with him. It sounds like it does, right? Probably yes! Get ready to intervene or deal with anger attacks whenever you are alone with him!

7. The baby is healthy for months and just the day before you go back to work, get a fever or get sick. It is a "unwritten" law and, although it may seem inexplicable or difficult to understand, it has a fear: it is a somatic symptom of separation anxiety!

8. Always close the door of the conjugal bedroom with the key when you have moments of intimacy with your partner. As soon as he manages to take the first steps by himself, the child is able to open doors when you least expect it. And, it is always easier to close the door than to give him explanations of what you were doing with the father in bed.

9. Place the ironed or tightened clothes from the dry to their immediate place. Do not make the wrong move to fold them and leave the curb on a chair or bed. They will become the target of the child's fun and will be scattered throughout the house.

10. Few parents realize that their bedtime is as important as the baby's. An unwritten law of parenting states: "the later you go to bed at night, the more the child wakes you up early in the morning."

11. Always keep in your bag a candy or a lollipop. You never know when you need it when you are in the city with the child and he has no sign or complains that he is hungry.

12. Never leave the scissors within the reach of the child. When you expect less, you will notice that she has tested her hairstylist's hairstyles and made her own haircut.

13. By the time you realize that it is too quiet in the house and that you have not heard much about the child ganging or talking alone in the room it is already too late. Either he scattered the toilet paper throughout the house, either painted the walls with cream of shoes, or did another nonsense. It is truly the peace before the storm!

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