What are gemotherapy extracts and how do we use them for our health?

What are gemotherapy extracts and how do we use them for our health?

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PlantExtrakt expands Polygemma gemotherapy range with two new products

Gemotherapy extracts come mainly from the young side of trees and shrubs and contribute to the detoxification of the body at different levels (liver, kidneys, lungs, joints, stomach, intestines, arterial or venous circulation, skin, etc.). They are obtained from embryonic plant tissues and encompass the entire essence of the plant, being considered as true plant stem cells. Thanks to the Polygemma range, we can use the vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids and nutrients needed to develop the plant to strengthen and protect our body.

Two new products from this range continue the series of gemotherapy preparations launched by PlantExtrakt: Polygemma Cough and Polygemma psycho-physical asthenia and memory.

Polygemma - Cough It covers a wide range of cough manifestations: either it is the cough that accompanies a cold, or the one that comes as an irritation of the larynx and pharynx or in the case of lung and bronchial disorders.

Contains a combination of gemoterapic extracts from Carpen, Calin and black honeysuckle buds that help soothe the cough and general peace of mind.

It also helps the body to eliminate toxins from the airway, regulates bronchial tone, has expectorant, antispastic and healing action, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect.

Polygemma - Psycho-physical asthenia and memory it is addressed to all those who lead a hectic and unbalanced life and experience fatigue for long periods of time. The combination of this gemotherapy has revitalizing properties on a physical and mental level and is useful in states of mental asthenia.

The phytogemotherapy complex contains extract from Siberian Ginseng root - with immunostimulant and adaptogenic properties and fluffy Birch seed extract, a tonic and stimulant of brain activity.

In addition to the new products, the Polygemma range already contains: Polygemma - Sinuses (intended to relieve cold symptoms affecting the sinuses) and Polygemma - Urinary tract (intended to improve the symptoms of urinary tract infections).

Gem therapists can supplement the medication prescribed by your doctor without replacing the medical recommendations.

Polygemma products can be found in pharmacies and natural shops, at a recommended price of 17 ron / 50ml bottle.

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