5 reasons why women give up dieting

5 reasons why women give up dieting

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Diets where women venture without the doctor's consent or just hearing good words about them always end before giving the first results.

The common reasons why they give up weight belts are varied: they do not give results fast enough, they do not have the willpower to comply with their rules and restrictions, or they simply learn to feel good in their skin and have no longer need frustrating and meaningless cures and regimes!

Discover the main reasons why many women frequently give up dieting!

Because I keep it for the wrong reasons

Many women expect that after completing a diet, they will have the silhouette of a blanket model and attract as men a magnet. When he discovers that their expectations have been deceived and that things are not as they thought, they abandon the diet and go back to the old way of life.

Before following a diet, it is advisable to determine exactly why you want to lose weight, analyze how realistic they are and how important they are to you. One good reason that can help you keep a diet to the end is to improve your health, affected by overweight, not to get the model of the model.

They do not set realistic goals

Many women make the mistake of following a diet to lose weight, without determining exactly what their expectations are in terms of the number of pounds they want to drop. I don't know exactly how much they want to lose, but they certainly answer "a lot" when asked.

You cannot start a diet without precisely determining the number of pounds you want to lose weight. It is important to have a goal to hold on to, to the end, of a diet.

Equally important, however, is to be realistic in setting these goals, because you cannot claim that a healthy and balanced diet will lose you 10 kilograms in a week, without negative effects on the body.

If you set unrealistic goals, there is a risk of giving up the diet from the first days. When the weighing needle will not reflect your expectations, you will find that it is not a good diet and you should try something else.

They frequently hit the Yo-Yo effect

The Yo-yo effect is a reaction of the body that appears when you keep unhealthy diets, which promise to lose a very large number of kilograms in a very short time. These diets attract as a magnet the interest of women who want to lose weight.

Besides the fact that they give their health over their head, they end up with an unpleasant reaction, which demoralizes them: the kilograms return to weight and, in most cases, are more numerous than at the beginning. This is the yo-yo effect caused by the sudden weight loss.

They do not develop their emotional health

When your life is a chaos, you are in depression and the problems tend to overwhelm you every day, it is very difficult to get results from the diets or to stay until one.

Stress and worries are the main obstacles to pursuing a healthy or balanced diet or weight loss plan. They make you give up before you even start, because you can't get the attention they need and follow the rules they impose.

Before you start a weight loss diet, get your order back in your personal life, clear your mind and focus on embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Change your diet, play sports and use relaxation techniques to bring harmony, peace and health into your life again.

He learns to love his own body

There is a time when many women realize that they do not need a silhouette of a model to be beautiful and appreciated and that their physical appearance matters less than they believed in attracting happiness.

As they learn to love their body and feel good about their skin, most women give up diets or, at least, the crazy idea of ​​losing tens of kilograms in a very short time.

Have you ever given up on a weight loss diet that you started? Tell us the reasons why you made this decision in the comments section below!

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