Excelsior Theater celebrates 25 years of activity

Excelsior Theater celebrates 25 years of activity

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On April 1, 2015, the Excelsior Theater will celebrate 25 years of existence in the cultural landscape of Bucharest. The event will take place at the Excelsior Theater headquarters on Academiei Street, no. 28, starting at 18.00.

Excelsior Theater is a young theater, established in 1990, at the initiative of Master Ion Lucian, who has been its director for two decades. The act by which this new institution of culture was born was signed at April 1, 1990, by Andrei Plesu, then Minister of Culture.

Since 2011, Excelsior has been operating in a new headquarters, located in the center of Bucharest. It is a repertory theater, which has children as its target audience, along with three other Bucharest theaters, the Theater
"Ion Creanga", Theater "Tandarica: and Comic Opera for Children, but it is the only one whose activity, according to the statute, is addressed to teenagers.

During these 25 years of activity, the Excelsior Theater has become a landmark among the gender institutions in the capital. His repertoire offered to the young and very young audiences a series of performances meant to make him love the art of theater performance and even become dependent on the interaction with this art.

With the new management strategy started in August 2014, the Excelsior Theater has started a phase of (re) discovering and (re) directing its message and programs, with a particular focus on the adolescent audience. The teenagers represent a category of general public ignored in the composition of the theaters of Bucharest (and not only), being deprived of shows with the age-appropriate theme, productions that will be placed stylistically in their sphere of interest. For this reason, the Excelsior Theater has set out to meet this need through various programs, whether cultural or educational.

From the desire to mark this continuity bridge between the programs of the theater, between the generations that made the history of the 25 years of existence of the Excelior Theater, on April 1 we will organize a festive event in which the founding members of this theater will become Societies of Honor of the Excelsior Theater.

The celebration of the 25 years of existence of the Excelsior Theater will be organized with the support of S.C. Cadoria SRL - Zalau, Viile Metamorfosis SRL, S.C. Zarea, Typography Ericom & Intersigma, Romaqua Group S.A. Borsec, Floraria Floria.

More details and news about the shows and programs of the Excelsior Theater are available on Facebook and on our website //