The new Activia Light yogurt, with 0% fat and 100% pleasure

The new Activia Light yogurt, with 0% fat and 100% pleasure

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Danone Romania expands its product portfolio with a new Activia Light range, available in 4 variants: Activia Light Natur, Activia Light with Strawberries, Activia Light with Pineapple and Activia Light with Cereals. Produced at the factory in Bucharest, Activia Light yogurt is ideal to be consumed at any time of day, wherever we are.

Our lifestyle is sometimes messy, we are busy on the run, we meet at all the culinary temptation that can unbalance our diet. That is why, Danone Romania brings to consumers a new product, with a tasty taste and 0% fat, a product easy to integrate into a healthy diet.

Have fun following the experiences of the Light couple and choose the end of the story:

"We want to look good, we go to the gym, we maintain our diet, at the same time we feel the need to eat and" something good ". the moments when you want to enjoy something good and enjoy a pleasure without feeling guilty, so you can choose from 4 tasty combinations, all with 0% fat and 100% pleasure, good to consume depending on the state of spirit you have every day, "explains Anca Stroe, Marketing Director Danone Romania.

The Activia range has been on the market since 2001, and today its portfolio includes 21 assortments.