Risk factors for drug use in adolescents

Risk factors for drug use in adolescents

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Drug use is one of the biggest modern dangers that hang adolescents in most of all the environments they frequent in society: school, group of friends, family, social groups etc. The risk of adolescent becoming drug dependent depends on several factors! Some of them can be controlled and prevented with the help of parents and others, while others are impossible to manage! This is when your child is in danger of becoming a drug addict!

Abuse of banned substances or drug addiction is one of the dangers of nightmares of parents and which is becoming more and more infiltrating among teenagers today. The most important risk factors that influence the addictive behavior within this age group are the genetic ones, the family history, the personality traits, the family environment, the environment and the social community in which it activates.

Family lifestyle and home environment

If the child is part of a dysfunctional family (in which one of the parents has problems with alcohol, drugs, is violent, etc.), the risk of adolescent drug use is increased. Risky and addictive behaviors become a place of refuge for such a teenager, in which they are detached from home problems.

Family history of drug abuse cases

It seems that adolescents with drug abuse cases in the family have a higher risk of engaging in such addictive behaviors than a teenager whose family does not have such cases. It seems that the risk of developing addiction is 3 times higher.

Personality traits

The researchers found that adolescents with an aggressive personality are more prone to drug use than those who are calm and know how to control their impulses. Young people who are not allowed to freely express their ideas and opinions and who are never listened to by parents and those around them tend to integrate into the environment in which banned substances are consumed.

Social groups and entourage

Adolescent entourage is one of the most important and dangerous risk factors for drug abuse. Changes that occur emotionally and psychologically in adolescence cause children to integrate into social groups where they can become more prominent or are more easily accepted.

The entourages in which drugs are used are those that target more emotionally vulnerable adolescents, as they attract them more easily into the dangerous trap of banned substances.

Genetic factors

There are studies and theories that claim that there are genetic factors, which in combination with environmental ones, can predispose children and adolescents to drug abuse. Usually, teens with a family history of such cases are at risk.

Which of the following risk factors for drug use do you find most dangerous? What measures do you take to prevent drug addiction in your teen? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!