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Your child is more vulnerable in the cold season, has low immunity

Your child is more vulnerable in the cold season, has low immunity

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Wondering why it's enough to blow the wind for your little one to cool off? It is very likely that your immune system will be weakened. If this is the case, you can rest assured, we have the right remedy. Pediatricians claim that the children's immune system is constantly developing by the age of 12. So it is normal for that age immunity to be lowered, according to the norm.

The immune system of a child develops and strengthens first and foremost with the help of a healthy and balanced diet, which should not lack vegetables and fruits. The immune system matures gradually, with the interaction of the child with the outside environment, with the bacteria and viruses in nature. Due to this interaction, the child develops tolerance to infections. However, due to changes in the outdoor environment in recent years and the increase in pollution levels, a herbal aid is welcome to strengthen your child's immune system.

Help your child strengthen his immune system!

Pediatricians recommend a number of dietary supplements that help them fight infections and bacteria that their developing organisms take so easily from the outside. Immunostim for children is such a supplement that gives your child's body a boost of resistance against infections. For many parents it is unthinkable to switch from one season to another without the help of the Immunostim Junior syrup. Due to the complex of natural ingredients, Immunostim Junior prevents the appearance of various forms of infections, protects the airways, protects the cells against oxidative stress and ensures a normal functioning of the metabolism. Thus, your child will be protected from inflammatory conditions and he will be able to enjoy the childhood years indefinitely.

With each delicious teaspoon of Immunostim Junior, your child becomes stronger.

It is known that the little ones hate the pills and you can very hard to convince them to follow a drug treatment. The most common reason for such situations is the bitter taste of supplements that little ones run away from.

Immunostim syrup for children saves you from such impossible situations. It is designed taking into account the needs, but also the tastes of the little ones. The syrup is the result of a mixture of natural plants and vitamins (black shock extract, lime extract, acerola extract, vitamin C, propolis extract, lemon, bromelain, papain), each having incredible properties for strengthening immunity. Together, they form an unbeatable protective shield against aggressors from outside. The syrup is sweetened with honey so that your baby can benefit from its properties, but also to create a sense of pleasure when the syrup is administered. Being a 100% natural product, it is non-toxic and has no side effects.

It is recommended to administer a teaspoon (5 ml) of We immunize Junior per day, in the morning, for children from 6 months to 5 years, and one tablespoon (10 ml) per day, in the morning for children over 5 years old.

Pediatricians recommend Immunostim Junior for a childhood without colds and infections. Be the protector of your child's health!

At COSMO PHARM, we are concerned about bringing you health from nature!

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