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The twin pregnancy and the evolving stop of the second fetus

The twin pregnancy and the evolving stop of the second fetus

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According to the latest studies, due to the new possibilities of monitoring the pregnancy, more and more performance, it has been shown that twin pregnancy appears in more cases than previously thought; In most cases, one of the girls stopped evolving before it became ultrasonically visible.

In general, the earlier the termination of pregnancy becomes, in relation to the gestational age, the later the effects on the second fetus are smaller (but this rule is not universally valid). More than sure, the bag was not empty, but the egg probably resurfaced.

The fact that this could be highlighted requires a dynamic follow-up of the subsequent evolution of the task, because we do not know the reason for the evolution of the first zygote (egg) to stop in evolution.

Therefore, closer monitoring of the development of the fetus remains viable. Also, in very rare cases, it happens to be a normal intrauterine pregnancy, plus an extrauterine extrauterine pregnancy, in which ultrasound, a gestational pseudosaccident is highlighted.

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