Is it advisable to go to the beach during pregnancy?

Is it advisable to go to the beach during pregnancy?

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During pregnancy, skin pigment cells respond to hormonal changes Sun exposure is NOT recommended. The mammary areola is accentuated, the white line on the abdomen becomes brown.

The face forms brown spots with irregular contour, arranged on the forehead, cheeks and upper lip, called melasma or pregnancy mask. Their appearance is determined by hormones and exposure to the sun.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding most depigmentation treatments are not allowed. For the prevention and treatment of melasma is indispensable photoprotection.

You can avoid the sun by using a wide-brimmed hat and by repeatedly applying a cream with FPS 50+. There is a compact and colorful variant of photoprotection cream. It has the appearance of a foundation and ensures a cosmetic camouflage.

After birth the brown spots will gradually disappear in most cases.

Dr. Rodica Negreanu, Dermatologist

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