Simple things you can do to make your child feel special

Simple things you can do to make your child feel special

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Children do not need great surprises, parties and expensive trips to feel special. Small things and gestures matter to them far more than you could imagine. You don't have to buy the latest gadget released on the market, nor spend a week at Disneyland to show your little one that it holds a special place in your heart.

Psychologists say that instead of material pleasures, it is more important for children to be respected and listened to. Here are some things you can do to make your child feel special and they will make you feel good.

A special morning

In the morning it sets the tone for the whole day, and if there is tension and haste in the rituals of preparing for a new day, the child will feel less important than the other items on the parents' agenda.

Instead of hasty gestures, results of the pressure of time hovering over us every morning, reserve a few minutes for your little one when you wake him up. It doesn't take too long, just 5-10 minutes. When you wake up you eat it slowly and play a little with it, or, as long as you drink your coffee, he drinks his milk and you watch a morning show together.

Wake up 15 minutes early to have the necessary time and for such moments with your little one. The first thing in the morning is a good time to play and relax a little. It is a pleasant way to start the day for both you and the child so that you can go out the door and be loaded with positive energy.

Hugs and hugs

Psychologists draw attention to the fact that physical touch is very important because it will create a connection between you. Take advantage of any opportunity you have to hug, handle, or tickle.

Any time you spend together can be a good one to handle your child. For example, if you made a habit of watching movies together on Sundays, as you sit on the couch watching the movie, you can slowly eat it on your hair and forehead as it rests its head on your shoulder.

Special stories for them

Children love to be the center of attention and will feel great if you read them instead of the classic fairy tales and princes, stories in which the protagonists are themselves. Try to write the stories instead of reading them from children's books, and the heroes in these fairy tales will be your children.

It will make them feel very good and certainly after a first reading they will want to listen to the rest of the stories in "volume".

Ask them for help

It is relatively easy for you to do everything for your child and to exclude him / her from daily tasks so as not to get confused and to not waste time with explanations, but if you ask for his help you will feel important. Of course, this will catch on to her later when she grows up and she will have to participate in household chores.

Let him help you do the shopping, cooking or cleaning at home. He will like it and you will take your help well.

Violates the rules

Sometimes it is fun to break the rules, and the kids will feel great if you let them eat pancakes with candy before bed or if you let them stay up later and watch a movie with you.

A little out of the ordinary rules has nothing to do or break the normal schedule, and if you occasionally let your little one eat more sweets than usual or leave an extra hour on TV , you don't have to worry.

Fun before bed

In the evening, when all the tasks are finished and everyone is getting ready for bed, this is the perfect time to spend some time with your little one. Sit down next to him and talk about anything. Parents are divided daily between dozens of activities, so at the end of the day, just a little time spent with the little one will catch on well to the parents and the child.

A nap, play or sing before sleep will be exactly what the little one needs to sleep peacefully. At the same time, it will make the child see you closer to him and his concerns and not always as a character in the adult world charged with problems and without play.

Just as well you can take advantage of the evening bath to play for a while, while the little boy is in the tub with the spices you can leave the prey to the games and good mood.

Voice your feelings

Don't hesitate to tell your child that you love him or that he made you feel proud of him. More than that, focus on his person to help him build his self-confidence and self-respect. Instead of "I'm proud of you" he says "I think you're really proud of yourself".

It will also help build self-confidence if you praise him in front of friends or relatives. An idea is to even let him hear "by mistake" as you praise him on his grandfather's phone. It will make him feel good and will be even more important than if you tell him how much you appreciate him.

Pay attention to small things

Specialists in pediatric psychology say that for children they are special and have great value things and gestures that for us, adults, are not so important. For example, the fact that you put a nice nickname will make the child feel special, but also the small tickets you leave at his / her disposal, on the pillow or on the desk where he does his homework and on which you write various messages such as " on themes "or" good night ".

Dance with your little one, play with him, cook his favorite food from time to time, walk together in the park, go to the movies for a movie. An activity that requires little effort from you can be very important for your child, especially if you usually do not enjoy too much free time.

You can even make a surprise getaway on the weekend. You take it directly from school or kindergarten with your luggage made and run away to the mountains, the sea, grandparents, anywhere. Surely he will like an exit from everyday life.

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