The child can't do without me. What I do?

The child can't do without me. What I do?

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The child who can not do without the help of the parents is the one raised in a hyperprotective or perfectionist parental style, in which he was not allowed to manifest his wishes, to test new experiences or to make mistakes, that is to say he was not allowed to develop his independence. . Many parents appreciate the fact that the little boy always asks for their help and that he stays after their "skirt", but they do not realize how bad they are doing, turning him into an irresponsible person, socially unsuitable and without initiative. Here's what you can do to stimulate your child to be autonomous!

How does the child become dependent on parents?

Most parents know that caring and raising a child involves a lot of time, effort and patience, but some of them tend to exaggerate. Parents who are always around the child, help him in everything he tries to do on his own and do not let him go wrong, deprives him of an essential ability in life: independence or autonomy.

When a newborn or baby is born, the child is totally dependent on the parents. It is natural to be so, since it has no developed motor, linguistic and cognitive skills, so that it can become independent. He always wants to be in the arms of his parents, to be loved, praised, to play with him, in other words, he wants all their attention. However, this total involvement of parents in everything the child does and has to have a limit and diminish as the child grows, but there are cases when this is not the case.

Regardless of the age of the child, parents tend to see him or her as a baby and continue to offer her help, without even allowing her to try new experiences. They raise a child dependent on their help, who will not know how to handle their own powers and will have great problems adapting to social communities.

What do you do when the child cannot do without you?

In modern society, independence is seen as a positive trait, which every child must develop early. If you are worried that your little one has become too dependent on you and does not show any autonomy or independence, it is important to take action.

It is best to try to stimulate the child to be independent of the age of the baby. The more you grow and become more dependent on yourself, the harder it will be for you to get used to it taking courage in engaging in new experiences and activities on your own, bearing the consequences and learning to be responsible.

Do not forget that at an early age, the child manifests a natural desire for autonomy - to climb, to use the bottle alone, to put his pacifier in his mouth, to take the first steps, to imitate you in what you do. and so on Encourage him to do these things, even if you know he doesn't have the age for many of them. It is important to try, to see what happens, what are the consequences and then, repeating them, to succeed in doing them perfectly.

Encourage him and compliment him whenever he does something on his own. He will like and feel good about being flattered and appreciated. This is an incentive to take courage to try other types of activities in which to manifest their autonomy and thus become more independent.

The introduction of new experiences in his program of activities is the one that contributes to the acquisition of independence and to the detachment of your "skirt". Teach him to ride a bicycle, roller coaster and register for creative courses and workshops. These represent environments or activities in which you will have to deal with yourself and will deal with things interesting for your age and will give you a sense of self-satisfaction.

Let him be wrong and do not criticize him when he is not doing something right, unless you intervene to remedy the situation. It stimulates the child to think of his / her own solutions to the problems he is facing and only to guide him from time to time, when he is stuck.

The parent-dependent child is afraid of everything new and calls to you for whatever he needs. Do you think you have a kid who can't handle it without you? Or is he brave, daring, initiative and not afraid of failure? Tell us how you managed to stimulate your child's independence in the comment section below!

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