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A special relationship with baby belly

A special relationship with baby belly

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There are mothers who, before birth, felt very close to their babies. They began to have a special relationship since pregnancy.
"I told my baby everything, I always talked to him, I stayed in the evening and in the morning and I focused on the beats and movements that I felt in the belly. If I massaged my belly I felt the baby move in the places where I touched my hand. I already felt my mother even though my baby wasn't born yet. "
Establishing a special connection with the baby in the womb can be as natural and normal as hormonal changes during pregnancy. Studies show that these relationships during pregnancy have a long-term effect on the mother-child relationship.
The explanation is that the baby's memory develops during pregnancy. The following tips will help you establish a special relationship with the baby in your tummy.
Touch your belly
Most pregnant women feel the need to put their hand on their belly, it is a gesture that you do automatically. You can use these touches to send your baby signs of love.
"When I was in the office, most of the time I massaged my belly because I wanted my baby to know that I was there. When moving in the belly, I was touching her. After I was born it was an extraordinary time when I was I held my arms for the first time, but at the same time I also missed the moments when I felt him in my belly and how we were always together, every second. "
Talk to your baby
From the second trimester your baby develops his ability to hear, besides the beats of your heart he hears your voice.
Studies show that, immediately after birth, the baby prefers to hear the mother's voice. "Immediately after I was born, I talked to my baby and it seemed to me that he recognizes my voice, as if to say: Aha so this is the girl who is attached to the voice I heard when I was in the womb."
Listen to music
Research shows that the baby's hearing develops during the second trimester and also that he will respond positively to music. Experts say that most babies react positively to light rhythms, such as Mozart or Vivaldi. Low-frequency sounds can easily penetrate the placenta.
"I and my husband were sitting and listening to classical music, jazz and rock and roll, it was relaxing for us and the baby in my belly. I'm sure he heard, now he really likes this kind of music."
Take time to relax
Your condition is reflected in physical signs, such as heartbeat, hormone levels and breathing, and these signs influence the baby. If you try to stay calm and focus on how you breathe, you can disconnect and relax. Specialists say that if you relax you have a different hormone flow.
It seems that during the stroke, the baby's heartbeat is quiet when the mother's are. He also calms down when his mother is quiet, letting him understand that everything is in order.
Set aside time to reflect and think about the person who develops in you.
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