Swimming lessons for babies and children - a unique experience for little ones

Swimming lessons for babies and children - a unique experience for little ones

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AquaticBebeClub - the favorite place for babies

Raising a child is the most important task of an adult's life, so a "smart" growth by choosing the best options is necessary to give the child a positive start in life.

The placement of the newborn in the aquatic environment ensures the continuity of the intrauterine development, thus accelerating the dynamics of the bio-psycho-somatic evolution through the autonomy of the movements.

The aquatic environment has a relaxing effect for children, at the same time representing a source of information that stimulates the child not only psychologically, but also socially and emotionally.

A unique place for little ones focused on safety and health

ACVATIC BEBE CLUB, a new club with modern perspectives, focused on the needs of the little ones, is committed to bringing confidence, self-respect and safety for each child, both through individual aquatic education programs, as well as through creative and intensive workshops chosen. carefully and made in partnership with our collaborators.

Located just 5 minutes from Unirii Square, the club benefits from a central location that provides parking and terrace for its clients (on our website, in the Contact section you will find a map that will facilitate the club's location. our).

At the national level, we are the only profile club where the disinfection of water is done through a mixed system of ozone and UV rays with direct effect on the quality and purity of the water, which is thus devoid of the odor of chlorine, and the automatic dehumidification system ensures a regulation. automatic at any time of humidity and temperature of water and air so that the indoor microclimate is favorable and comfortable for the little one.

Dedication and passion

Our instructors, through their professional training, but also by their personal qualities, are able to realize in each lesson a fun learning environment, in which children respond to challenges in a positive way and acquire skills quickly and precisely, thanks to the individual instructor program. -child. Also, the entry into the water of the parents with the little ones is encouraged, which strengthens the parent-child-teacher relationship, steps that help the independence of the little one.

The free demonstration session

AcvaticBebeClub offers a free demonstration session with an individual instructor for any child between 4 and 36 months, during which the little ones have the opportunity to experiment through fun games and music the joy of independent travel in the aquatic environment, and parents will be able to find answers to all questions related to this complex activity and its benefits.

For more details regarding the necessary medical advice, software and availability, you can contact us through the website, using the contact form or on the phone number


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