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Multiple births increase numerically from year to year

Multiple births increase numerically from year to year

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In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of live births, but especially of twins and triplets, according to the data of the National Institute of Statistics. But the former government did not want to consider that the maternity allowance should be "matched" with the number of newborns - twins, triplets or more, preferring to keep a fixed amount for the allowance that is granted to the parent within the first two years. which is responsible for raising children.
In 2001 there were 217,368 single births, in 2002 there was a decrease of 10,000 compared to the previous year, because, in 2003 and 2004, the increase would return with an additional 2,000-3,000 newborns annually.
In contrast, the number of multiple births has remained on a continuous upward trend.

If in 2001 there were 3,159 twin pregnancies, in 2002, their number was almost 150 higher than in the previous year. And the growth continues; in 2003, 3,353 mothers gave birth to twins, and last year, 3,522.
And the number of pregnancies with triplets and over three babies has evolved, from 53 cases in 2001 to 65 in 2004.
Twins or triplets, one allowance

Multiple births do not represent more than 1.6% of total pregnancies. But also 1.6% of the happy families in which the event takes place are seen in the situation that their budget decreases proportionally with the number of new members.
The maternity allowance, as provided for in Article 123 of Law 19/2000, on the public pension system and other social insurance rights, does not take into account the number of newborns from the same task.
At present, the 7.83 million granted monthly to one parent, as a maternity allowance, are more than insufficient even for a single child, if we look at the situation and in view of the fact that the respective parent will be home for the next two years. - or three, in the case of the disabled child.
Legislative initiative on the basis of ... photography!

In the context already presented, two parliamentarians initiated a bill aimed at solving how much the material problems of the family in which twins, triplets or more children appeared.
Senators Alexandru Peres and Gheorghe David request that Law 19/2000 be amended to the articles referring to the monthly maternity allowance, so that for each newborn "additional" from the same task, a 50% increase in allowance should be granted , compared to the one granted for one. Basically, for twins it would total 11.74 million, for triples - 15.6 million, for quadruplets - 19.5 million, and for quintuples (these cases are extremely rare in Romania) - 23.5 million lei, monthly.
"The problem was brought to my attention by Edith Sarac, the mother of two twins - Anabela Timeea and Carla Antonia. She even presented me with a photo of the two little girls, held in the arms with great pride by their grandfather ... He left me the photograph, which I still keep in the office, "said Alexandru Peres. "They do not have a happy material situation. Not only does Sarac call them, but they are also poor. But they enjoy the twins a lot!", Senator Peres added.
Annually, about 3,500 situations occur as for the Sarac family.
Little financial effort, but with great results
The additional need for funds that could be used to increase the allowances in the situations of twin births would be - according to the calculations of the two initiators of the draft amending Law 19/2000 - somewhere around seven billion lei, annually. In the case of triplets, the effort of additional support of their families would not exceed 500 million, by 2008. But if it is taken into account that more than 80% of the respective families are below the average level of living, the supplement would be more than welcome.
In the case of twins and triplets or more, the dynamics of the last four years have been taken into account, not expecting a significant increase compared to 2001 and 2004.
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