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At the playgrounds Zurli we played Minnie and Mickey and we learned to paint!

At the playgrounds Zurli we played Minnie and Mickey and we learned to paint!

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Sunday, February 9, from 10.30 and from 12.00, at Puzzle Cafe
Calea Victoriei, no. 155, block D1, Tronson 6, ground floor
Since February, Zurli has started play workshops! An hour in which children meet their favorite characters, sing, dance, compete in fun games and activities.

At the first workshop, the play of Sportacus and stefania so much delighted the children and parents, that they declared in chorus that it was the most beautiful workshop they have ever attended!
So we took courage, we strengthened our powers even more and kept on having fun!
Sunday, February 9, we played Minnie and Mickey, the mice always play and put on their wives. The Zurli entertainers, dressed in the famous mice will sing, dance and teach the children the choreography of their songs, with games based on dance and much joy.
The two friends have a red suitcase, like their suits, in which they hide many colorful accessories - balloons, bowls, mice ears, butterflies, musical instruments, paintings. They will put them all to battle in their game with the little ones, so the fun is guaranteed!
And this is not all! Because Minnie is passionate about painting and always has watercolors, brushes and protective clothing for her painting, each child will paint a painting she will take home at the end of the workshop. Parents do not think they are for nothing. Small artists need great help, so from small to large, all participants will be put to work.
The workshop is aimed at children between 2 and 7 years old.
Duration: one hour
Cost: 50 lei / child. For the second child a 50% discount is granted.
For parents the entrance is free.
Maximum number of participating children: 25

Reservations can be made in advance by phone: 0728.295.872 or e-mail [email protected]

The Zurli team is waiting for you to award the champions!

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