What do you do when you have a naughty child at the food

What do you do when you have a naughty child at the food

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Only the mothers (and grandparents) of grumpy children know how frustrating it is to see that the little one frequently comes across countless dishes. And frustration increases in proportion to the effort made to achieve those kinds.

There are many parents who say to let the child ask for food alone, but there are also children who, if allowed to ask, are satisfied with just a few brushes and then run away quickly to play. And in this situation, especially as a parent or grandfather, you try to do everything possible for the little one to have enough food, which will provide them with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

So, for all the mothers who have been breastfeeding trying to convince their offspring to eat at least one satisfying level, here are some easy tips to put into practice (this chapter may be inexhaustible, below are just a part):

1. Pretend it's for you, not for him

If you go next to him with a bowl of food and pretend that you eat and it is very tasty, there is a much greater chance that he will also want to eat compared to telling you that it is lunch time and that he must "pope everything" .

2. Make a reward panel

Together with him he builds a small reward board and, at each table, draws a star (or what he likes) depending on how much he has eaten - if he has not eaten at all, he does not receive the star, if he eats half he receives a small star, and if he eats almost everything or even gets a big star (of course, portions should not be exaggerated).

3. Get him to imagine how the food works

Explain how you can better how important food is to people, and especially to children, who are growing up. Tell him and show him that after the stomach reaches the food, the food is grinded down very small and that from there all the best of it, very small particles, go to the eyes, to the picoruse, to the hands, because he can grow up, look good, walk, play, fight microbes when he cools down, for example, etc.

4. Arrange her food beautifully

When I allow you food, you can try to arrange them as beautifully as possible, but not necessarily to make various shapes with eyes, nose and mouth, as is the classic for children. They require more time and, in addition, they may not always make you an attractive figure.

Instead, place their food in rows (a row of cucumbers, a row of cheese, one of tomatoes), or make a flower (pieces of tomatoes placed on the edge, under them some small olives, and in the middle some Cheese), make it a circle shape, square, and so on.

5. Use your toothbrushes

For children who are older, you can help with the success of toothpicks, which you can put pieces of food in different combinations - like some fridges. And the success is even greater if you pretend that they can't eat from the toothpicks like the big people: "Can you really eat like dads? Oh ..."

Tricks to make him enjoy eating various foods

Here are some concrete tips related to how to make him safely consume certain healthy foods:

Onion, for example, is a very healthy food, but quite rejected by children, especially in the raw state. But if you want the little ones to consume it frequently, without even noticing, squeeze the garlic juice from a piece of onion and put it in various soups and broths. It will give the food a better taste, and it will almost certainly not be noticed. Do not put more than a few drops and, be careful not to get rid of the whole piece (no matter how small it is, if you feel it between the cheeks you could ruin the whole scenario).

Yogurt can be given to the blender along with some strawberries, a little sweet milk and a spoonful of honey (the latter not to children under one year). The result is a very fine, thin and creamy drinking yogurt, identical in taste and appearance to that of the commercial (with various flavors), but much healthier. It can be consumed with straw.

Spinach should also not be prepared just in the form of food or soup. It can be cooked in a little butter next to a grain of garlic and made sandwiches. It will be consumed much more dearly in this form. You can find more spinach recipes here.

Avocado fruit (half) can be made pasta, also in blender, along with a banana.

Boiled fish can be mixed with a little garlic clove and put inside some lobster balls. There are high chances that the little one will be very excited about them.

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