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Music means discipline, joy in the harmonious development of the child

Music means discipline, joy in the harmonious development of the child

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Everyone enjoys music, either by listening, singing or practicing a musical instrument.

If you are talented, curious or passionate about a musical instrument or have a voice, Arpeggio is one of the newest schools of music opened in Bucharest, oriented to a complex study program that wants to help the students to achieve the best results. regardless of the concepts with which I start on the road, experience or age.

Plato said that "Music is the movement of sound that touches the soul by educating its virtues." At the Arpeggio School of Music we try to reach the musical chord of those who cross our threshold and offer the students a unique experience, through a long-term learning mode, which will prepare young artists for the opportunities they will have in the world of music today.

The lesson plan is centered on theory and practice, being customized for each student by means of a method of study, evaluation and close monitoring of evolution.

Arpeggio started from the desire of the founder, Aniela Burlacu - lawyer by profession, to provide parents and children with a unique expression medium, through music. "We want the Arpeggio Music School to be a place for students to explore their own creativity. In search of teachers, we have formed an amazing team of professionals and good educators, which make the instruments seem much easier to practice" .

Music lessons improve learning skills, developing physical skills, cultivating social skills, refining discipline and patience and increasing self-respect. To ensure a continuous development, we appealed to teachers with higher education, professional and who are totally dedicated to the work they do with each student separately. Each of the teachers has a pedagogical experience, dedicated to the individual study in order to gain the confidence of children and students.

The school program includes piano lessons, singing, classical guitar and electric guitar, and depending on requests we can quickly orient to other courses, benefiting from the collaboration of teachers for drums or violin courses.

A lesson lasts 50 minutes, the courses are individual, and more information about the whole program, the prices applied and details about Arpeggio Music School you can find it on

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