Run and forest Romanian!

Run and forest Romanian!

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Children's forest, the program of afforestation on degraded lands under the aegis ViitorPlus - the association for sustainable development, invites you in the days of April 16-17, at the eighth edition of the Cross of the Forest.

In 2016, the Crosul Padurii is set in motion by Kaufland Romania and hosted by the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest.

The Cross of the Forest supported by Kaufland is the largest mass run competition that supports an environmental cause. The funds raised following the Cross of the Forest will be used in the program Children's Forest, for afforestation of degraded lands in the south of the country.

Organized under the motto "Run and forest Romanian!" the eighth edition of the cross aims to come up with a new challenge, to gather with the small, by sea, the world of the mioritic plains to celebrate the forest by running in the traditional Romanian port! Therefore, the recommended running equipment are: take, arm, leg and ... the opposites.

To all the Romanians who know themselves as brothers, the Children's Forest invites them to put their feet in the service of nature and to enjoy a race that makes the transition between concrete and green areas. "We have committed that this race will take you under the crowns of the trees, to make you crave the codrush," says Teodora Palarie, the project director, "And to make you live the experience of being twined with the forest."

The Cross of the Forest will extend this year for two days. April 16th is the day dedicated entirely to children who will have the opportunity to run two races: 500 and 1000m and take part in unique educational workshops. Sunday, April 17 adults will start in the "traditional" 5km race, in the 10km and 15km mini-marathons.

"We support projects such as Crosul Padurii because we want to focus on movement and we are convinced that physical activity is essential for a life full of vitality and optimism. To encourage a healthy lifestyle, Kaufland Romania supports the participation of employees in sports competitions. more, when I am for a noble cause. For us it is very important to fulfill the role of responsible partner in society. We want to promote the beneficial principles of a healthy diet and a balanced way of life. " - Anna-Katharina Scheidereiter, CSR project manager.

Released in 2007 under the urge Adopt a tree !, Children's Forest project was sustained in 24 running events by over 5,500 runners who started at different distances, from 3 km cross to ultramarathon distances (up to 250 km). Due to the donors who supported the runners in sporting events it was possible to afforest on an area equivalent to 12 football fields.

The forest of children thus invites those who want to be involved in nature to keep up with the unconventional runners Andrei Rosu and Vlad Tanase, who will run between March 11 and 19, a 560 km ultramarathon at the Polar Circle and Andrei Gligor, who starts to the second time in a row at the Marathon des Sables (April 8-18), in the Sahara desert, as part of the "I choose to forest!" campaign.

For registration and details about the Crosului Padurii, please visit and


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