Beauty from the inside to the outside

Beauty from the inside to the outside

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Spring is the time when we resume walking through the city, outings on terraces and open-air weekends. With the new season, trendy clothing, multicolored nails and a broad smile return as priceless accessories.

But what do we do when vital nutrients are absent, and this is felt and seen on our skin, hair and nails?

Because we want to feel and look good, we need to replace unhealthy habits with rest, fresh foods, plenty of fruits and vegetables, to ensure our daily intake of vitamins. In addition, to compensate for nutrient deficiencies in the body, we call with confidence Dr. Vitamin Complex Map for hair, skin and nails. All we want is a rich and voluminous hair, a skin that passes the test of time, resistant nails and a shiny and beautiful skin.

Along with a healthy lifestyle, a daily tablet from Dr. Hart Vitamin Complex for Hair, Skin and Nails will stimulate the hair regeneration process, strengthen your nails, and help you get the long-awaited, shiny, young skin.

Furthermore, grape seed extract Improves the regenerative capacity of collagen and elastin, the two proteins that help the skin maintain its elasticity and firmness, protecting it from the effects of aging.

Ladies, ready for spring?

Dr. Hart's products can be found in Sensiblu pharmacies throughout the country. For more details and useful tips you can access: // and //