Things that only mothers who have become pregnant can understand

Things that only mothers who have become pregnant can understand

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One in seven couples are currently experiencing fertility problems. I know all about scheduled sex and I am aware of all the methods for stimulating and increasing fertility. At the same time, I live in fear that they will never be parents. But all these worries and thoughts turn into an indescribable happiness when validating a pregnancy test, an incredible experience!

there it is 15 things that only mothers who have become pregnant can understand:

1. Spontaneous sex is excluded from the equation

When you struggle for years to get pregnant, spontaneous sex is replaced by "scheduled" sex. That means you should have sex based on your estimated ovulation date. It doesn't matter if you are exhausted or just don't feel like it. You have to make a kiss in those days if you want sperm to fertilize the egg to take place.

2. You know all about ovulation

You always check your basal temperature, so you know exactly when you are ovulating. You have read so much about hormones and fertility that you could give your doctorate in the field. Identifying fertile periods has become your new hobby.

3. Eat everything that can boost your fertility

Green vegetables, eggs and bananas are not missing from your diet. Always be careful to eat healthy, while secretly craving sweet foods and maybe a glass of red wine.

4. Buy any product that promises to keep you pregnant

You test everything. From mobile phone applications and ovulation tracking bracelets, to the latest hi-tech fertility stimulation programs. Once you get pregnant, push them into a drawer, hoping that you won't need them again next time.

5. Everyone tells you that you need to relax to get pregnant

Easy to say hard to do. You know you will never really relax until you see two red lines on the pregnancy test.

6. See only pregnant women on the street

As an irony of fate, it is not a day for God to see at least one pregnant woman on the street. It's like a constant reminder that you're not like her ...

7. It is hard for you when friends announce that you are expecting a baby

And to top it off, they got pregnant from the first try! "I don't even know how it happened! We didn't even think about making a baby now!" They say. In the depths of your being, you rejoice sincerely for them and wish them never to know this soul pain that grinds on you now.

8. You got tired standing with your feet on the walls

You no longer know who told you that it would be easier for you to get pregnant if you were standing on the walls after having sex. It does not matter whether the statement has a scientific basis or not, you are willing to try anything.

9. You cry every time your menstruation comes

Another month of futile attempts! If you are striving for more than a year to get pregnant naturally, you are over 35 years old or have had an ectopic pregnancy in the past, consult a gynecologist who specializes in fertility issues as soon as possible.

10. The partner feels equally helpless

Talk openly with your husband. You will see that he feels equally stressed, scared and frustrated. He probably read everything he can about infertility in men and intends to quit smoking, only a miracle will ever happen.

11. You wonder if anyone will even tell you "mom"

If you could change unhappiness with nausea, sleepless nights and breast pains that pregnant and nursing mothers are accusing, you would do it without hesitation. Don't let depression break you down! Schedule for fertility tests and tests to find out exactly what your chances of becoming pregnant are.

12. You're thinking of raising money for in vitro fertilization

It will cost you a cart of money, but if this is your last chance, give up holidays and vacations just to save on treatment. Your efforts will be rewarded, and when you finally get pregnant, you won't believe it!

Don't give up on your dream! Keep your optimism and schedule yourself to a specialist. Modern medicine helps you and sooner or later you will get your baby in your arms!

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