Communication of the child at 5 months

Communication of the child at 5 months

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- I have a 5-month-old girl. I am of Moldovan origin (I speak Romanian), my husband is of Syrian origin (he speaks Arabic), I speak with my husband in Russian. Respectively the question how should I proceed correctly with the girl, for the father to communicate with the girl.


Dear mom,
When he is young, the child can easily learn just about anything. But the most important thing is that, for a start, they manage to form a base, and then only to assimilate the other new information.
Children learn easily by observing or imitating others. If you speak only your baby in Russian, when he can speak, he will also answer you in the same language. If you speak Romanian, he will pronounce Romanian words.

Please be very careful! If he is spoken in two completely different languages ​​at the same time, he will have two names for the same object, two terms for the same action. That way he won't be able to master any of them.
The young child needs stability in order to develop harmoniously: a family in which conflicts exist, parents showing their affection, a program for feeding, bathing, sleeping, playing, etc.

The same thing happens in the case of speech. Since he was born he hears words, expressions, which gradually become familiar to him. Memorize them, understand their meaning and, later, pronounce them.
Only when the child is very good at mastering the name of obicts, utilities, and acquiring the names of states and desires in a first language, then we can begin to learn another. We can talk from 2 and a half years - 3 years.
It is advisable to speak with the child the language of the country in which you live to make it easier for them to adapt to society. If you live in Romania then the father will be the one who teaches you Romanian, and then the child (you have enough time); if you live in a region where Russian is spoken then everything is simple because at home you already speak Russian.
Anamaria Mihai
Psychologist - Specialist Clinician
NICOLE Medical Diagnosis and Treatment Center


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