The first cry in my mother's belly

The first cry in my mother's belly

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The baby's first crying seems to take place in the womb, just before the gestational age of 28 weeks, and not after birth, as was believed until recently. The researchers managed to capture the silent and emotional crying of the fetus during an ultrasound and came to the conclusion that the baby manages to express his grief and negative mood through a behavior similar to the crying even before reaching his mother's arms!

Find out how the baby cries in her tummy and what implications this discovery has in its development!

When are babies crying in my mother's tummy?

The discovery made by specialists is extraordinary and represents a new behavior of girls in intrauterine life. Girls who cry during pregnancy may have a higher degree of development than other babies, because crying is a behavior that involves the coordination of several motor systems and brain functions:

  • ability to receive stimuli;
  • interpreting certain stimuli as annoying (differentiation between different states);
  • the proper association of dissatisfaction or annoyance with the specific behavioral act.

In order to stimulate the girls to cry, the doctors applied various stimuli with vibration and ultrasound on the abdomen of the pregnant women in the last trimester of pregnancy, then they did ultrasound, filmed the images and analyzed them.

After studying the reactions of girls to external stimuli they found that they start to react and react to certain noises in the mother's belly through behaviors similar to crying. It seems that the behavioral reactions of the fetus are caused by certain actions that you take when you are pregnant.

In fact, the discovery was made during another research, in which the specialists analyzed the effects that smoking and drug use have on pregnancy. They found that pregnant babies exposed to these substances are more likely to exhibit such behavior in the womb.

The researchers found that the behavioral pattern of crying in the womb appears not only in women who smoke or use drugs during pregnancy, but also in other pregnant women. Out of 10 fetuses who had cried in the uterine cavity, 4 of them had been exposed to cigarette smoke, 3 to cigarette smoke and drugs, and 3 were not exposed to any of these toxic substances. This shows that crying for girls is not specific only to pregnant women who are accustomed to smoking or using drugs during pregnancy.

How do babies cry in my mother's tummy?

The baby's crying does not manifest as after birth and they are not noisy. But the specialists managed to identify a behavior similar to the crying, based on facial expressions and breathing characteristics:

  • opening the mouthpiece;
  • face frown;
  • irregular and repetitive breaths (abrupt interruption of breathing, followed by deep inhalation and short exhalation at the time of the sound that causes the reaction).

The researchers say the discovery is very important and could help them in a future study in which they want to analyze the fetus's ability to perceive pain.

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