Fire safety products that any family should have

Fire safety products that any family should have

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It terrifies you to be involved in one fire in his own house. However, it is your duty as a parent to think about the safety of your family and the home you live in. One of the wisest decisions you can make is to invest in fire protection systems.

Here are seven essential things that can help you protect your home from the devastating effects of a fire:

1. Smoke alarm

Smoke alarms can save your life in the event of a fire. They immediately detect the smallest amount of smoke, giving you the opportunity to evacuate the house. If you live in an upstairs house, install at least one alarm on each level. Ideally, you should have such devices mounted on the ceiling of each room.

Do not place smoke alarms in the kitchen or bathroom, where they can be accidentally activated by steam. For maximum safety, connect the alarms to one another so that if one fails, the other will warn you in case of danger. It is advisable to check the functioning of smoke alarms regularly, by pressing the test button, even if they are powered from the network or have batteries with a life of 10 years.

2. The heat detector

Many fires at home start in the kitchen. Since it is not recommended to install a smoke alarm in the room in which you are cooking, you can consider installing a heat detector. It is activated only when the temperature in the room exceeds a certain level.

3. Fire protection fence

Constructed of steel, this fence provided with a pivoting door can be placed around fireplaces, grills or ovens. This way, you can enjoy a beautiful fire, without having to worry about the safety of children or pets.

Young children are often attracted by the bright color of the flames, risking serious injury or burns if they get too close to the fire. By installing an extendable protective grille around the fireplace, the little ones will be kept at a safe distance from the fire and away from danger. At the same time, the protective fence is also effective against the sparks thrown by the fire, the spark that can lead to the ignition of flammable materials such as carpet, curtains or clothes.

4. Fire blanket and fire extinguisher

More than half of the fires started in the house are due to cooking in poor quality pans or pans. If your pan is on fire, the worst thing you can do is pour water over it. A deadly fireball will be created.

The safest way to extinguish a fire started in the kitchen is to cover the vessel in flames with a fire blanket. This special blanket is fireproof, being made of fiberglass. It can also be used to extinguish the clothes that caught fire.

Also, a fire extinguisher should not be missing from the house. Prices differ depending on the type of extinguisher (with powder, foam, carbon dioxide), but also on the quantity of extinguishing agent and, implicitly, on the size of the bottle. How do you know which fire extinguisher to choose? Specialists recommend the foam fire extinguisher for solid materials such as wood, paper, coal, textiles, rubber or plastic.

5. Alarm for detecting carbon monoxide emissions

Carbon monoxide does not cause fire, but can be just as fatal if inhaled into the lungs. The carbon monoxide molecule cannot be broken down into oxygen and carbon atoms, leading to the death of red blood cells and ultimately to asphyxiation.

If you have a gas-fired power plant, it is vital to install such an alarm in the same room, so that it can be warned if the concentration of carbon monoxide exceeds the safety limit.

6. Wake up lamps

Make sure you always have a wake-up lamp near the bed so you can see where you spend the night, if you need to go to the toilet or have to leave the room quickly. Besides the fact that it helps you move around at night, the lamps ensure safe evacuation in case of fire.

7. The evacuation plan

a evacuation plan well thought out is essential for every family:

Plan an escape route and make sure everyone knows you;

Establishes a second safety exit, in case the main door is blocked by fire;

Make sure emergency exits are always free;

Put the keys in the house in an easily accessible place. It is important that the little ones can reach them;

Organizes an evacuation exercise with the whole family;

Reassess the plan if you change the look of the home, perform construction work or rearrange the furniture.

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