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The rights of the child in Romania are protected by competitive legislation at European level

The rights of the child in Romania are protected by competitive legislation at European level

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The rights of the child in Romania are protected by competitive legislation at European level, said the head-coach Pavel Abraham, the president of the National Anti-drug Agency (ANA), at the international conference on the theme "Legal protection of the minor in Romania".
The issue of adoptions has been solved, that of institutional construction is underway, the question of drug use remains, in particular, among young people between the ages of 14 and 25, Abraham said.
"There is a peculiarity in Romania, where drug use by minors, especially boys, is associated with drug trafficking and this is due to poverty," stressed ANA president. He also stressed the outstanding international solidarity from the financial point of view of Romania in the fight against drugs from the European Union, as well as from the USA. In his turn, Ionut Codescu, Secretary of State for European and International Affairs in the Ministry of Justice, stressed the importance of inter-institutional collaboration regarding the protection of minors against trafficking and drug use.
The Secretary of State mentioned that the justice reform plan in Romania provides, among others, the social reintegration of the minor and the protection of the victims, the improvement of the training in the field of prosecutors and judges and their habit of working in mixed teams, with police and representatives. you have penitentiaries. Paul Magnuson, a judge in the state of Minessota (USA), presented at the conference elements of the American judicial system.
He stressed that, together with the American experts who traveled to Bucharest, judges and teachers, he will analyze the opinions expressed by the conference participants in order to identify solutions that will lead to a better administration of justice in Romania.
The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the National Authority for the Protection of the Rights of the Child, the Public Ministry, the Association for the Promotion of Juvenile Justice "Save the Children".
Source: Roman Chronicle


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