The high heel, the Zurli Theater version

The high heel, the Zurli Theater version

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Saturday, February 8, 10.30 and 12.00 at Puzzle Cafe (Calea Victoriei, no. 155, block D1, Tronson 6, ground floor)
Sunday, February 9th, 10.30am and 12.00pm at the Romanian Peasant's Club (Monetary Entrance, Kiseleff Street, no. 3)

The "shoehorn biker", in the Zurli Theater version, hides many lessons for the little ones. As a rule, the family's beloved is spoiled by everyone and receives the biggest and most beautiful gifts. and in our story, the smallest son of the miller is the spoiled family, only that he receives an inheritance. Although it may not seem like a great gift, the boy turns out to be the boy's luck.

He teaches him how to get in life what he wants and helps him to become a count. This is how the children learn that it is not good to look after ourselves and that, sometimes, even the least attractive gifts, you can hide real treasures.
As in all Zurli Theater shows, children are actively involved in the action. Along with the motan lace, they teach the son of the miller how to eat, dance and sing. The characters are interesting and lively. The live music and the costumes complete a show that will keep the children with their souls in their mouth until the end.
At the Zurli shows, the children are the ones who bring their parents to the theater, the little ones dance before the performance and the big ones applaud them wholeheartedly.

In the end, everyone receives sweets.
The price of a ticket is 10 lei for children and 15 lei for adults.

Children under two years do not pay the ticket!

Details and reservations at the phone number or 0728. 295. 872 / 0728.295.810 or the e-mail address [email protected]
We welcome you all with love and super energy!

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