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How to limit the time spent by a child on a mobile, tablet or computer

How to limit the time spent by a child on a mobile, tablet or computer

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Children are spending more and more time on their smartphones, tablets or in front of their laptop instead of playing outdoors, playing sports, socializing with their age group.

gadgets they have become increasingly tempting for children, and this is worrying, because it favors sedentarism and limits socialization skills. A child who has not turned three should not have access to any screen at all, children under 5 years should not sit more than 20-30 minutes in front of a TV or tablet or laptop, those between 6 and 9 years not more than one hour, while children over 10 years should not exceed 2 hours.

According to several studies, the little ones who spend a lot of time on their tablet, laptop, computer or TV are more prone to visual impairments, they are more energy-less, they make their homework harder, they are more prone to aggressive behaviors and they have poorer vocabulary. The child must have limited access to these gadgets from a young age, to know that they can have fun and otherwise. Parents have several ways to keep their little ones away from technology:

Establish clear rules

The child must know that the time allowed to spend on the tablet, smartphone or computer is limited. But once these rules are set you must explain to them and why you are doing so, talk to them about the negative aspects of the time spent in front of a screen.

When he is allowed on his tablet or laptop, he will never leave you unprepared for his requests and will not let him exceed the time allocated to this activity.

Find games appropriate to his age

The child must have something to do with his free time, in order to forget about the temptation of gadgets. Age-appropriate games for your little ones are one of the best options. In addition, games are also a good way to teach little ones to follow rules, to learn to lose, to learn to make strategies to win. Also, with the help of games they will also learn what teamwork means.

For schoolchildren, extracurricular activities are a good way to defeat technology.

Make time for the baby

Children often take refuge in gadgets because their parents are too busy and have less time for them. So before you set limits to the little one do not forget how important it is to find time to do activities with him. Do not use gadgets as a babysitter for the baby, so you can do your homework!

In the case of children, the power of the example works very well. If you read a few lines in a book and your child will be tempted to imitate your behavior. If you spend time on your laptop, tablet or computer then the child will also be tempted to do the same.

Don't put a computer in the room

The closer the temptation is to us, the greater the risk of falling prey to temptation. So avoid putting a computer in your child's room or leaving a laptop or tablet within reach.

Encourages outdoor activities

What could be more enjoyable than spending time outdoors with your family? Get used to your child with outdoor activities! You can go to the park by bike, in the summer you can encourage him to read in the park or have a family picnic. On weekends you leave the city whenever you have the opportunity.

It is also important to encourage children's hobbies. It can be about painting, dancing or anything else that pleases her.

No television during the meal

Many families get used to eating with the TV on, especially at dinner, when everyone is gathered around the table. If this is your custom in your family, try to limit it or eliminate it altogether. Make better use of this time spent at the table to talk about what happened to you during the day.

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