An ectopic pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy

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- Can a simple pregnancy test detect an extrauterine pregnancy? Do I get menstruation during an extrauterine pregnancy?


Normally, the pregnancy test is positive in the case of an extrauterine pregnancy, because these tests are based mostly on the presence in the mother's urine of substances secreted by the trophoblast (the future placenta), regardless of the location of the pregnancy.

As in the case of an intrauterine pregnancy, there is the possibility of overlapping one or two menstruation over the pregnancy period, but, more frequently, bleeding occurs in the extrauterine pregnancy, in most cases they are with modified blood (brown).
It is good to present yourself to a specialized office if you suspect an extrauterine pregnancy, because its evolution is in most cases serious, without medical intervention (the extrauterine pregnancy does not find the resources necessary for the development, its evolution exceeding in exceptional cases 3 -4 months of gestation).

Most of the time, the extrauterine pregnancies have the location of the egg fixation of the uterine tube, which cannot be extended very much, resulting in the rupture of the fallopian tube with a massive bleeding (bleeding that can be externalized by the vaginal route, or it can only be a bleeding inside. peritoneal cavities, obvious being only the clinical signs: abdominal pain, low blood pressure, accelerated pulse, cold sweats, etc.) which endangers the patient's life itself.
Extrauterine pregnancy is a gynecological emergency; the ability to make this diagnosis as early as possible depends on both the obstetrical future (subsequent procreation capacity) and the life of the woman concerned.

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