New Autumn - Winter Collection from Hispanitas

New Autumn - Winter Collection from Hispanitas

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Remember the 70's with the new Hispanitas Autumn - Winter 2016-2017 collection

Hispanitas, the Spanish footwear brand, launched the autumn - winter 2016 - 2017 collection, a casual - chic collection that will remind you of the elegant '70s and will guarantee your comfort throughout the day.

Created for the urban and modern woman for which the shoes represent the essential piece of the outfit, the new autumn-winter 2016-2017 collection puts quality and comfort on the first place.

Hispanitas Autumn-Winter 2016-2017 footwear collection includes current trends created with subtlety, colorful details and contrasting ornaments, a perfect combination for everyday outfits, yet manages to keep the outfits refined effortlessly.

In this collection, Hispanitas brand designers also used geometric shapes combined with animal-print textures, reminding them of the relaxed and retro period of the 1970s. Also, the metallic details used in this collection, combined with animal-print textures, provide an extra note of elegance, appealing to the "no age" period.

Granulated leather is another strong trend this year, a key texture that accentuates the overall tone of the collection, bringing contrast and distinction to the various combinations of materials. The essential features of this season include finishes with a satin look, matte and glossy leather combinations, which have been adapted to reflect the style and tastes of the brand.

All Hispanitas footwear models are made entirely of 100% natural leather, of the highest quality. Hispanitas shoes are renowned for their great comfort. Hispanitas works exclusively with personal footwear that have been made to the highest standards and make Hispanitas shoes particularly comfortable. The marks of a pair of quality shoes are the soft leather, the soft sole and the feeling of lightness and comfort from the first day of wearing.

The Hispanitas autumn-winter 2016 -2017 collection is complemented by new bags and accessories such as wallets and belts, dedicated to both women and men. The Hispanitas Autumn - Winter 2016 -2017 collection can be found in the Hispanitas - Baneasa Shopping City store, 1st floor or on Hispanitas - Joy Is a Choice!


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