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5 unhealthy habits of children and how to combat them

5 unhealthy habits of children and how to combat them

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The unhealthy habits that the child gets in childhood can manifest all his life, if no quick measures are taken, and his behavior is not corrected in time! Find out what inappropriate gestures or habits children tend to train at a young age and how to fight them effectively!

Spitting in the nose, redness of the nails, sucking of the finger

Spitting in the nose, redness of the fingernails and finger sucking are some of the most common unhealthy habits in young children. Besides the fact that they are uncivilized behaviors, they also have negative implications on the health of the child.

With finger placement in the nose, mouth or nail polish, the child introduces germs in the mouth into the mouth and risks becoming infected by various infections and diseases.

Devise the child of this habit, constantly explaining what the risks are and what he can suffer. Also, always distract him or immediately involve him in another activity, when you find that he has a tendency to get his hands on his nose or mouth.

Late bedtime

If the child does not have a stable sleep schedule and is used to falling asleep quite late, in the evening, and waking up early, in the morning, his health will suffer.

The lack of hours of sleep recommended for his age leads to a state of fatigue and exhaustion, which causes the appearance of behavioral problems and poor academic performance.

The television and the computer are the main causes of the late child's sleep. Do not leave such objects in the child's room and form a sleep routine, getting used to falling asleep constantly at the same time.

Abuse of computer and television

Drowsiness and lack of rest are just two of the consequences of computer or television abuse in children.

If you do not set a schedule for how many hours and times of day the child will spend in front of them, the child risks becoming sedentary and suffering from various conditions because of this, being isolated from friends and having school results. low.

It is important to establish a computer program to play and watch on TV, depending on your age. Be sure to hold them accountable for their use and explain to them what the risks are if they abuse them.

Not washing hands

Handwashing is a habit that must be implemented as a child among the habits of the child. It is the best and most effective method to prevent many diseases and infections and to combat the spread of many germs around.

First of all, teach him what are the key times when he should wash his hands (when he comes from outside, before the meal, after using the toilet, etc.) and why it is so important to do so. Insist and remind them to wash their hands, whenever the occasion arises.

Addiction to sweets

Sweets are the foods that a child would eat continuously, from morning to evening. Many parents give in to their child's insistence on drinking a little more juice or eating another piece of chocolate, without realizing that they are doing nothing else but forming very bad habits and making them dependent on them.

As the child grows up and becomes independent in the culinary choices he makes, he will always want to buy ice cream, candy, chocolate and juices.

It is important to educate him responsibly regarding the consumption of sweets and explain the negative consequences on his health. Give them healthy alternatives to sweets from the trade, so you can help them resist the temptation to consume unhealthy products.

The small child does not know that it is not allowed to put the handle in the eyes, nose or mouth, to nail the nails or to drink or to eat after others, not only because it is not beautiful and civilized, but because it is also unhealthy. Also, computer, TV or candy abuses are harmful habits that can affect the health and development of your child! It is up to you and the education you give to correct these habits and make them understand why it is not advisable to do them anymore!

What did your unhealthy habits get over time and how did you manage to get rid of them? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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