How do you treat pigment stains?

How do you treat pigment stains?

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Due to sun exposure, pigmentation spots often appear on the face, neck, forearm or palm bridge. Pigment stains may also occur in the case of hormonal disorders (during maturation, menopause, pregnancy, contraception), skin inflammation or may increase with age.

Applying a few simple rules, it is possible to avoid the appearance of pigment stains: we must not expose ourselves to the sun between 10 and 16 hours and we must use protective preparations with UVA and UVB filters.

While we are in the sun, it is important to protect the skin using cosmetics with a minimum protection factor SPF 30. In addition, it is recommended to apply a preparation with beta-carotene or you can drink carrot juice.

However, if we cannot prevent the appearance of pigment spots, it is recommended to use bleaching preparations to obtain a uniform skin color.

Melanin is responsible for the color of the skin and its protection against the sun. Pigment stains are the result of disturbances in the process of melanin production and may also occur under the influence of factors that regulate the functioning of epidermal cells.

The best elimination period for pigment stains is autumn. It is recommended to use a complex day and night whitening treatment. Day cream, apart from the bleaching effect, must protect the skin from sunlight, and the night cream must also have exfoliation effect to accelerate the regeneration of the outer depigmented layers of the epidermis and to ensure deeper penetration of the whitening substances. .

An effective treatment was developed at the research center Dr Irena Eris through the Pharmaceris W range, dermatologically tested products and without allergenic factors:

Triple action cream for skin whitening

  • Triactive whitening complex - it has skin whitening and lightening action, reduces pigment stains, blocks melanin synthesis.
  • UVA and UVB filters - protects against the negative action of the sun's rays and increases the efficiency of the bleaching.
  • The allantoin content smooths, soothes, moisturizes and softens the skin.
  • Vitamin C has lightening action, stimulates collagen synthesis and fights free radicals.
  • Vitamin E has a strong action against free radicals and prevents premature aging of the skin.
  • The cream is recommended for the care of depigmented skin with irregular pigmentation.

Capacity: 30 ml; Price: 44,80 RON

Night cream with intense whitening effect

  • Triactive whitening complex - it has skin whitening and lightening action, reduces pigment stains, blocks melanin synthesis.
  • Papain accelerates the exfoliation of the outer layers of the epidermis. It also contains allantoin, vitamin C, vitamin E.

Capacity: 30 ml; Price: RON 58.50

Pharmaceris W whitening creams can be used not only for pigment stains on the face, but also for those in the area of ​​the neck, back, palms and other depigmented areas.

Apply cream daily on depigmented areas. The result should be visible after 4 weeks of use. During the use of the cream and for 10 weeks after treatment it is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

Read more about Pharmaceris and the Pharmaceris W range at:


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