Meltus syrup range - the most effective solution against the diseases of the little ones

Meltus syrup range - the most effective solution against the diseases of the little ones

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On Friday, March 10, 2017, at 10.30 am, in an elegant atmosphere, in one of the grand rooms of the Hotel Grand Hotel Continental, the second Meltus Social Moms meeting took place. The meeting had as main topic of discussion the range of Meltus syrups, the joy of being mothers and the dynamics of always finding the best solutions for children.

Among the topical subjects, the extremely active ladies in the online environment and at the same time very well informed - already mothers or about to become mothers - debated about the most common affection both in the lives of children and in the lives of adults: cough.

Dr. Helen Draghici, the mother of four girls, with gentleness and humor, shared them with bloggers and journalists present, from her extensive experience as a mother, but also as a doctor. Out of respect for the patients, but also for the children she is raising, the doctor tests, tastes and analyzes with great care every product she recommends. After long tests, he has gained the confidence and power to recommend the most innovative product on the market for cough improvement, be it productive or dry, for both adults and children.

Special guest of the event, model mom Anca Serea continued to reveal the little secrets that help her be a happy mother and recommended Meltus syrups as one of the few elements that help her maintain the physical balance of her children, regardless of age.

Both Anca Serea and Dr. Helen Draghici recommend the Meltus syrup range for the innovative recipe, which combines the healing force of nature with the force of science, a perfect synergy that offers a much faster effect than other combinations. Nature and science have met in one place.

Another inexhaustible topic was that of the ingredients held by the Meltus syrup range in the composition; some of the "wonderful" ingredients of nature: honey, pomegranate, turkey, thyme, etc.

The Meltus syrup range supports moms and also has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and immunostimulatory effect. Basically, the duration of the annoying symptomatology is as short as possible, and the body fights much more efficiently.

As for Meltus Tusicalm for irritant cough - most often viral - the combination is 100% natural and efficient: the natural components of Meltus Tusicalm have antiviral, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, and honey and patlagin have an emollient effect.

Meltus Expectolin and Meltus Tusicalm syrups can be purchased online, by ordering on the website: and on the partner sites: and

For each online purchase, you receive a 10% discount from the final value: the discount code is SP0117.


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