Perfect for coconuts

Perfect for coconuts

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You want a delicious and refreshing dessert, then choose a coconut perfect, which has a spectacular taste and a lovely look.

Preparation time

30 min




2 yellows

80 g old

100 g coconut milk

30 ml coconut liqueur

250 ml fresh

300 g of flour

200 ml white wine

1 batch of cinnamon

Method of preparation

Beat the yellows in bain-marie with 30 g of sugar until you get a thicker cream. Gradually add the coconut milk, then allow the composition to cool, stirring continuously.

Add the coconut liqueur, and whisk well. Put the mixture in a paper-lined check and leave it in the freezer overnight.

Wash the cherries well, remove the seeds and bring them to a boil with the white wine, sugar and cinnamon. Serve the perfect cold coconut with cherry sauce.

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