TEDI Safety School - Open lesson on home safety

TEDI Safety School - Open lesson on home safety

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The national educational program Tedi Safety School, which follows the acquisition of information on personal safety by the students of the first class, continues also in the second semester with educational activities supported in the class by the teachers and by the representatives of the Romanian Police.

Within the Tedi Safety School, the over 32,000 students enrolled in the program carry out fun games and actions based on the materials received from Tedi and manage to acquire very useful information to prevent the dangers that may arise on the way to school, to school, on the trip. or when they are alone at home.

The students from the High School no. 150 from Bucharest, for example, found out on Tuesday, March 28, 2017, many useful things about home security during an open lesson held within the Tedi Safety School 2016-2017 program.

Together with the teacher Cezarina Psatta, the representatives of the Police and the Tedi, the students learned how to take care of themselves and the family goods when they are alone at home: how to react when someone outside the door or what objects can become dangerous if I use them to play.

Through interactive activities - discussions, drawings in the Tedi coloring book, activity sheets, puzzles - students have learned many notions about their safety, so important at this age. Experts believe that teaching the information about the safety achieved through the game and through examples adapted to the age of the students, contributes effectively to the step-by-step training of the little ones to become responsible teenagers, able to make decisions in difficult situations without putting in danger to their safety or those around them.

The Tedi Safety School program continues throughout the 2016-2017 school year.

All of Tedi's tips for 1st graders are available online at

About the Tedi Safety School

The Tedi Safety School is a national educational program that seeks to acquire safety information by the students of the first class.

The program at the second edition is initiated by Tymbark Maspex Romania and the Tedi brand and implemented in partnership with the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research and the Romanian Police.

The purpose of the Tedi Safety School campaign is to increase the safety of children in class I. The program focuses on identifying potential risks, explaining to children and their parents the consequences of behavior that involves risks for children on the street, at home, at school or on holidays. .

In the program Tedi Safety School registered in the 2016-2017 school year 935 schools from all over the country, with 32,264 students of class I.