Sex of the child. 11 fun ways to predict if you will have a boy or a girl

Sex of the child. 11 fun ways to predict if you will have a boy or a girl

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The first months of pregnancy are full of questions, and the most commonly used is this: what is it, girl or boy? Until the doctor can decide on the observations made with the help of the ultrasound, the mystery plans and does not give peace to the parents. Sometimes it seems more than the mother and father of the future baby, the more curious the grandparents are to find out what sex their grandson will have. This is how popular prediction methods were born.

As soon as he learns that they will have a child, parents start "betting" on the sex the child will have. He would be able to start painting the room already, buy the decorations for the bedroom, take the clothes and the stroller, but they can not decide because I do not know what color to choose: pink or blue? Well, it was precisely from these uncertainties that all sorts of funny ways came up to find out what the sex of the baby was.

Are we still going through a review of the most popular techniques for predicting the future regarding the answer to the question: girl or boy?

1. Belly shape

One of the most popular ways of guessing the sex of the baby is related to the shape of the belly of pregnancy. Thus, it is said that if the mother has a tummy tucked towards the face, then she will have a boy, and if the belly has a round shape, then she will give birth to a baby girl.

It is also said that he will be a boy if the pregnancy is positioned above and will be a girl if the belly of the pregnancy is left.

2. Salt test

If you have already been pregnant, you have probably passed this test. Usually done by aunts or future grandparents. What is the "method"? It was sprinkled, secretly, a little salt in the head of the pregnant woman. Then they follow his gestures. If he first wears his hand on his nose or eyes, he is said to have a boy. Instead, if he brings his hand to his mouth he will have a little girl.

3. Spoon and fork

Someone sits under the pillows on the bed a spoon and a fork. If the pregnant woman puts her head on the pillow under the spoon for the first time, a baby girl will most likely be born. Instead, if he sits on the pillow under which the fork is, he will bring a boy to the world.

4. Wedding ring

This test requires a wedding ring that has been sanctified in the church. It should be tied with a rather long thin thread, about 20 centimeters. A person, preferably a woman, should grab the tail end and bring the pregnant woman closer to her right palm.

If the ring starts to swing like a pendulum, then it will have a boy. If you make circular movements in the air, you will have a little girl.

5. The needle

A person will take a needle with a gift, wrap it in a piece of paper, preferably a napkin to be more comfortable, and stretch it to the pregnant woman, but holding it on the middle side. If she chooses to grab the needle, she will have a little boy. If she will grab the needle, she will most likely have a baby girl.

6. Mother's face

The appearance of the pregnant woman changes slightly during the nine months. Including these transformations were interpreted by ancestors also in an attempt to identify the sex of the future baby.

Some women have bright skin and very clean skin. They found that in the vast majority of cases they bring boys to the world. If, on the contrary, they have stained skin and embroidered with baskets, the more swollen lips are said that the girl she wears in her stomach steals her beauty.

If the hair of the pregnant woman gets reddish reflexes during pregnancy, then she will be the mother of a little girl. Women wearing a boy's womb will notice, it seems, that their hair grows faster, but also that their nose is slightly wider.

7. Heartbeat

Another predictor of baby sex would be heart beat. If the doctor tells the mother that the baby's heart beats with more than 140 beats per minute, then it is a little girl, because the boys have a slightly "lazier" heart, they usually record below 140 beats per minute.

8. Food cravings

It is said that if the pregnant woman lends more often to sweets a baby girl will be born. If you crave more sour or salty foods during pregnancy, then your baby is a boy.

9. Weight

It is said that the mothers of the boys get less fat during pregnancy, while those of the little ones gain more weight. Older people say they can guess the sex of their babies and their father's weight during pregnancy. Specifically, if the father becomes fat during the nine months when his mother is pregnant, a boy will be born.

10. Scissors and knife

If the future mother gets a knife out of her hand, she will have a boy. If a scissors falls on her hand, she will have a little girl.

11. Calculate Mayase

Ever since ancient times people wanted to find out while sex will have the baby coming to the world. The Maya found a correlation between the birth year of the mother and that of the baby's conception. Thus, if the year in which the mother was born and the one in which the child was conceived were both odd or even, then a baby girl would be born. On the other hand, if one of the two years was different, that is, one hair and one odd one, the mother would bring a boy to the world.

Are you curious to find out what sex your baby will have? Have fun using the Chinese calendar to predict the sex of your child and then compare the results obtained with the data provided by the ultrasound doctor.

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