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7 tricks to save Christmas

7 tricks to save Christmas

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The countdown to Christmas has started, and you are already trying to cover the budget for gifts, the holiday table, the ornaments and the fir tree. The reckoning at home never matches the one in the fair, but even your budget this year doesn't seem to "kiss" too well with all the shopping plans you have in mind! Don't rush to limit your shopping list! Before giving up some pleasures or joys, apply some tricks that help you reduce expenses, but also enjoy the holidays you dream of!

When the money in the family budget is dramatically reduced with great responsibility and effort from one month to another, it is difficult to save money and collect the necessary amount for organizing and planning the winter holidays. But it is not impossible! You need a little entrepreneurial spirit and a little more imagination to succeed! Here's how!

Do some shopping before!

One of the biggest secrets of spending cuts is to start shopping for this period in advance. Start making lists, prioritize purchases and share the budget! If you leave all your purchases for the last hundred meters, you will have to remove exorbitant amounts from your wallet.

Divide the Christmas shopping list into perishable and non-perishable foods. Everything belongs to the category of non-perishable - canned products, flour (bread, flour, malai, gris, pasta, etc.), meat, spices, flavors, dry ingredients, coffee, alcoholic and soft drinks, etc. - you can buy long before.

Only vegetables, fruits, dairy products, eggs and other products with short shelf life should be bought closer to the holidays. The same is true for detergents for cleaning the house, gifts and home decorations. Do not hesitate to buy them, gradually and in time, so that you do not crowd all the shopping on the last day.

Get on the creative gifts hand!

Much of the budget for the holidays is invested in gifts for all loved ones. In recent years, the idea of ​​creative, symbolic gifts, which have a spiritual value, to the detriment of impersonal objects, which are on the shelves of any store, is being promoted more and more.

It is advisable to take this trend into account and explore the possibility of making gifts with your own hand or orienting yourself towards creative and original ideas that do not cost any more. It also teaches the child to make such gifts and to appreciate them more than the material ones. Teach him to enjoy and appreciate a greeting written from the soul more than a game or a trivial sweater and without any significance.

It is not easy to instill the feeling of gratitude at this age, but the child can be educated, if he has positive models to follow in this regard. Give up the trivial gifts of toys, clothes, gadgets and other boring products.

Get your imagination and creativity to work and start manually creating the first truly memorable gifts for your loved ones - personalized photo albums, greeting cards, plush teddy bear for baby, gloves, scarf or crocheted sweaters, photo frames etc.

Make your own fir tree ornaments and home decorations!

Even if you keep an eye on many of the Christmas decorations and ornaments that appear on this market, it is advisable not to rush to buy them. Besides the fact that you will spend unnecessary money, you will not get the desired effect: to customize your home.

Take advantage of the fact that you have a child who does not lack imagination and creativity and can also rely on some help, in the person of your life partner or relatives. Then proceed to the manual creation of special Christmas decorations.

From garlands, ornamental fir trees, chandeliers, snowflakes, crowned to the door and to balloons made of gemstones and other innovative materials, you have the opportunity to turn your cottage into an extension of your personality.

Buy an artificial fir!

Even if the natural firs are much more beautiful, and the smell of the citizens fits wonderfully with that of the cozonacs and the steaming sarmalut, which spreads throughout the house, the artificial fir is a more inspired and less expensive choice. If you already have one from last year, then you can cut it off the shopping list and invest the money for other purposes.

If you need to buy it this year, see the good side of things: it is a long-term investment that will save you from a significant expense in the years to come.

Look for discounts and offers!

Near the winter holidays, discounts and offers are the words that are on the lips of all the traders, who come in ideas that are more attractive to customers. Neither do buyers leave themselves behind and close their ears well whenever they see or hear of "substantial reductions" in food, clothing or other products you need during this period.

Don't ignore coupons or discount vouchers!

If you are looking for the best offers and discounts, you can not miss a quick visit, but be careful, on the specialized sites, which offer vouchers and promotional coupons, with discounts of up to 90%. You have the opportunity to buy not only things necessary for the home, but to come up with some inspiring ideas, but almost no cost, for gifts under the fir tree.

Cook a little, good and healthy!

Quit to cook many dishes in industrial quantities. It is useless to spend a lot of money and time to stay in the kitchen and cook a lot of food and preparations, which is possible to not eat and get to the garbage.

Make a family council, ask everyone what they would prefer for the Christmas meal (even if it comes out of the traditional products) and set the menu. Cook in moderate quantities, because it is preferable to cook and, after Christmas, if necessary, than to throw food in the trash.

How do you plan to reduce spending during the holidays, but also enjoy everything your heart desires? Share us your savings tips in the comment section below!


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