Sex and post-natal pain

Sex and post-natal pain

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About one in three women experience pain during sex one year after giving birth, a study in England shows. The study, conducted for 482 women from Birmingham maternity ward, showed that more than half of them had at least one sex problem, with most health problems related to birth being encountered especially in women of Asian origin.
According to the study, there were also women who returned to sex after almost 8 weeks after giving birth. Some waited only a week, while others waited for a year. The average for women who had assisted birth, using forceps or other instruments, was 10 weeks. The study, which surveyed women born at least one year, found at least one health problem in each of them. The most common problems were among women of Asian origin, those of older age or those with long-term births.
Pain during sex was reported in 19% of women who had Caesarean section, 34% in those who had a natural birth and 36% in those with assisted birth. Most of the health problems related to sex were found in women with assisted birth (77%) and in 51% in those with cesarean section.
Birth with the forceps
Two thirds of women who have had a natural birth have at least one sex problem. Birth with the help of forceps has been associated with high levels of stress and urinary incontinence. In the case of Asian women there is a twice as much chance of having pain (62%) than white women (35%) and also of having urinary incontinence. Amanda Williams, who worked on the study, says: "We believe that our study is pointing to the need for professional medical support for women giving birth."
She said that this should make us focus on medical issues related to the perineal area, between the vagina and the anus and other sensitive places that may pose problems. Dr. Maggie Blott, obstetrician consultant at King's Hospital in London said: "Post-natal care is one of the things we do very poorly in our country, it is satisfactory up to 12 days after birth, but so." Blott says women should have their check-ups 6 weeks after birth, but often this is just contraception. She said: "We need to raise problems so that these women realize that it is not normal to have long-term problems and seek help."
March 21, 2007


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