Colic, the first pain of the baby

Colic, the first pain of the baby

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Are you a fresh mom and your baby stops crying? Is he irritable, knees tight and has a restless sleep?

This is not the time to panic, rest assured that you have done nothing wrong! It is the period of colic, through which 80% of babies pass, after the first week of life. The main cause of colic occurrence is incomplete digestion, due to the immaturity of the digestive tract of your baby.

Although all your friends have warned you about colic, as every child and parent goes through this tormenting period, you never thought it would be this way: sleepless nights and swaddled in your arms throughout the house.

Each child is different, as is the intensity of the pain felt. Some simple things will help you and your baby get through this period more easily:

  • place a warm compress on the baby's abdomen;
  • swing the baby in a special chair or swing;
  • make the baby a hot water bath;
  • gently tuck it on your tummy.

These actions can relieve the pain of the baby at the moment, but in order to prevent and effectively alleviate colic, we have created Alinan® Happy Drink. With a natural and unique composition: chamomile, melissa and aniseed oil, it alleviates the colic of the babies fed with the bottle. Chamomile and melissa have antispastic properties, calming gastric and intestinal spasms, and star anise with its digestive and carminative properties prevent fermentation and help the baby to eliminate gas. Thus, it will calm down and fall asleep much easier.

For babies who are breastfed, we have created a special one Alinan® baby, a solution that contains natural extracts of lime, melissa and chamomile. Before breastfeeding, the drops are placed on the mother's breast and the baby receives them naturally.

Now with Alinan® Happy Drink your baby is happy and you can enjoy the moments spent with him in peace!

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