Pregnancy and sex

Pregnancy and sex

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Sex during pregnancy is most often considered a taboo subject. Future mothers are often seen as people who cannot have sexual contact, and for this reason doctors do not get to talk about this topic with their patients. In any case, sex is an important and natural part of pregnancy.
Now that you are pregnant, you will discover that, with the changes your body is undergoing, changes will also occur regarding your sexual appetite. With the enlargement of the breasts and the belly, you will notice that the positions that once offered you pleasure will become uncomfortable.

It is very important to experience as many positions as possible with your partner to keep the spark between you and to have an active sex life.

Your child's safety
Most couples avoid having sexual intercourse during pregnancy because they are afraid they won't hurt their child. You must know that as long as the pregnancy is normal, without complications, sex will not harm anyone. Neither you nor the girl, be sure!
The baby is protected during sex by the abdomen and amniotic sac. Also, the lining of mucus that closes the opening of the cervix protects the baby during this time and gives the future mother the necessary protection against infections.
As long as your doctor tells you that the pregnancy is normal, it is up to you whether you want to maintain your active sex life during this period, until the third trimester, until your water breaks. In fact, it is advisable as you approach your birthday to have sexual contact with your partner to help a natural birth.
When should sex be avoided during pregnancy?
Your doctor is unlikely to tell you to refrain from sex during pregnancy. This is recommended in case of complications such as:
• Prior placenta;
• Placental abruption;
• Preeclampsia.
Comfortable positions in pregnancy
Now that your body is changing, you will notice that the pre-pregnancy positions will not give you comfort anymore. Missionary position with partner above, and below you can become very strange with the growth of your belly. You and your partner may be interested in different exercises in pregnancy that can help you discover some positions as comfortable as possible.
Some of the positions indicated throughout the pregnancy are:
Mommy above
The pressure is no longer exerted on your abdomen and gives you the opportunity to control any movement. It also gives your partner a pleasant "view".
Mom on her back
This is like the missionary's position with the difference that no tension is exerted on the uterus or abdomen, the mother must lie down with her knees to the chest, and the partner must kneel.
You can rest your feet on your partner's chest. To be as comfortable as possible, put a pillow under the seat. This position is recommended after the fourth month of pregnancy, but after a certain period of time you should avoid it because the weight of the uterus can block the blood vessels that vascularize the uterus and the lower limbs.
Mom on the side
It offers the possibility of the partners to be face to face, keeping the weight normally exerted on the belly and uterus. It is also an intimate position, because it will give you the opportunity to look at each other.
It is usually overlooked that sex can also be done standing up. This position will help you remove the tension exerted on the stomach and will provide an intimate experience for you and your partner.

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