6 healthy drinks for children

6 healthy drinks for children

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The healthy drinks that the child can consume are not limited to water, a few teas and milk. No matter what you try, you can't keep your chickpeas away from juices and sweet drinks, these are pleasures that his taste buds will often crave.

Avoid buying them from the trade, in the form of soft drinks or "natural" juices, full of sugars and harmful preservatives! Prepare them at home and vary the fruit juices and other delicious, but healthy drinks! Here are some of the most nutritious and tasty drinks for children!

Fresh fruit juice, cocktail or shake

Juices will always be your child's favorite drinks. But before letting him get the taste of juices from the trade, tasty, but harmful to health, open his appetite for home-made, fresh fruits.

Teach him as a child to drink such juices and keep him away from unhealthy drinks in stores. The juices prepared in the house are tastier than those in commerce and they provide the child with nutrients essential for its growth and development.

Always try to alternate the fruits used in juices, so as to avoid the risk of boredom or saturation of a single type of fruit. Also to diversify the drinks menu, offer them cocktail or fruit-based shakes.

In these you can add milk, syrups, mineral water and other delicious ingredients to spoil the taste buds full.


Lemonade is another drink with which you can lure your child when he wants to drink something sweet and good or he often asks for juice. Suggest lemonade with honey and mint, add a few pieces of strawberries or other fruits and give the child a royal taste in a delicious drink.

Fruit compote

The fruit compote is a tasty and healthy drink, which parents do not integrate enough into their child's drinks menu. The compote can be prepared from any type of fruit or from their mixture and is delicious both hot, in the cold and cold seasons, in the warm seasons.

The advice of the specialists is to prepare it from fruit as sweet as possible, so as to avoid adding more sugar and thus increasing the caloric content of the drink.

Carbonated fruit drinks (with mineral water)

If your boyfriend is crying that he wants a "bubble" drink and no alternative from the ones presented, don't rush to the store to buy him such a drink. Take a bottle of mineral water and prepare a fresh fruit juice so that it has pulp in it.

Then mix the water with the fresh juice. Make sure the proportion of fruit juice is higher, so that the carbonated juice is more concentrated. If it is not sweet, add a little more sugar, otherwise it will not satisfy your child's craving.

Milk and cocoa with milk

Milk is one of the healthiest drinks a child can consume. But it is also the drink that he has been drinking constantly throughout his childhood and which he probably has already saturated.

It's time to turn the milk into another type of beverage, which will be to your liking. Opt for cocoa with milk prepared in the house, where you can add flavors of cinnamon, a little vanilla or other delicious flavors.

Hot and cold tea

And tea is an option worth considering when you want to diversify the drinks menu for the little one. But we are not referring to herbal teas, which have a rather unpleasant taste.

Prepare fruit teas for the child and sweeten them with a little honey. Give them warm when it's cold outside, and cold, with ice, in the hot seasons of the year.

What other healthy and tasty drinks do you offer your child? How do you manage to keep it away from the sweet juices in the trade, which increase the risk of obesity and serious illness in the child? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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