Adrian Mutu, Dad again

Adrian Mutu, Dad again

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Consuelo, the wife of photographer Adrina Mutu, is preparing to become a mother for the second time. Because Mutu's wife is pregnant, doctors forbade her to travel by plane over long distances.

Despite these bans, Consuelo wanted to spend the holidays in Miami with his parents, Adrian Mutu could not fulfill this wish of his wife.
Thus, the Mutu couple spent the holidays in Miami with their family.
Consuelo is in the 4th month of pregnancy and should be born in April this year, a little girl. Although Mutu is a little disappointed because he wanted a boy, Consuelo said he wants to have as many children as possible so that next time he will give him a son.
The two also have a little girl named Adriana for a year and a half, and Adrina has a son named Mario, aged 5, with his ex-wife, Alexandra Dinu.
Photo: ActualNews
Gabriela Hotareanu
December 04, 2008