Pregnancy medicines

Pregnancy medicines

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According to a British study, the pharmaceutical market is not able to conceive new specially dosed media for pregnancy, in the last 28 years entering the market only 3 drugs with specific dosage, reports Reuters Health.

A number of 17 drugs that are being dosed for pregnancy are just improvements to existing treatments. These represent only 3% of the drugs intended for cardiovascular problems.
The study shows that 500,000 women worldwide die during pregnancy and more than 7 million children die before or immediately after birth.
The shortage of drugs dosed for pregnancy affects not only the countries that do not have research funding, but also the countries that have these resources.
This problem is partly due to the fact that the pharmaceutical sector and drug companies have been neglected in terms of investments.
The researchers analyzed the databases of drugs that are in the testing process. The databases were obtained from the websites of the companies, from conferences and from medical publications.
This analysis revealed that since 1990, more than 37,000 drugs have been registered as being tested, but only 3 drugs (Atosiban, Carboprost and Carbetocin) have been dosed and certified for administration during pregnancy. .
Gabriela Hotareanu
January 23, 2008