Sexual disorders that cause infertility

Sexual disorders that cause infertility

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I said in the article on "Sexual disorders that do not cause infertility" that, from the point of view of sexual activity, there are not many conditions for women and men's sexual cells to meet. The sexual act must ensure the passage of the sperm into the vagina at the right time, ie during ovulation.
But sometimes sexuality is not able to facilitate this. For what reason? Either the penetrating sexual act cannot occur or, although it does, it does not transmit semen into the vagina.
A recent study reveals that out of 10 cases of infertility of the couple, 6 are due to the man. However, assisted reproduction techniques solve many of these situations.

Total erection disorders

If the degree of rigidity of the penis is not high enough, penetration of the vagina cannot occur.
The causes are very varied: from those of mental origin, to medical conditions, combined or not with their psychic effects. The sexuality of the couple is affected. However, the possibility of bringing a child into the world exists with the help of artificial insemination specialists.
Ejaculation retrograde

Normally, during intercourse, the sperm leaves the prostate gland, passes into the urethra, through which it will be ejaculated.
In retrograde ejaculation, sperm is produced and orgasm occurs. But instead of being eliminated externally, the sperm will reach the bladder. This is due to the insufficiency of the bladder sphincter which should block the entrance of the sperm into the bladder and direct it towards the outside.
It may appear as a side effect of some diseases (diabetes, neurological disorders, spinal cord injury), treatments or surgical interventions (prostatectomy, etc.).
The sexuality of the couple can be normal in the presence of this defect. The ability to have children, however, will have to receive medical help. There are ways to harvest sperm. If the gametes are viable, applying the assisted reproduction method appropriate to the couple, the partner will be able to receive the pregnancy.

It is the medical condition in which, although sperm is produced, it cannot leave the male genital tract. With or without anorgasmia, anejaculation can have psychological or medical causes (neurological disorders, diabetes, trauma, etc.).
Again, techniques for sperm harvesting and artificial insemination will make it possible for the partner to appear pregnant.

Obstruction of the sperm ducts

It is not a disorder of sexual dynamics, but I will mention it because, although sexual intercourse occurs, sperm do not reach the vagina. It can be congenital (dysgenesis, spermatic agenesis) or acquired as a result of medical conditions of these pathways.
BTS (sexually transmitted diseases) extended to the sperm ducts can, in the healing process, leave such sequelae. Some neoplastic processes with localization in the small basin may affect the permeability of sperm ducts. As a result, the sperm formed in the testes are prevented from reaching the prostate where it should mix with the fluid secreted by it and the seminal vesicles. The semen will be ejaculated during intercourse, but it does not contain sex cells.
A particular case is that when the spermatic tract is interrupted to perform surgery, upon request. It's about vasectomy.
In order to have a child, the possibility of duct reconstruction or sperm harvesting and the application of an assisted reproduction technique must be studied.

The reflex contracture of the vagina is a disorder of the sexual dynamics of the woman that makes penetration impossible. It can be treated in most cases through psychotherapy, but if the couple wants a child without delay there is also the possibility of artificial insemination.
However, psychotherapy is indicated because it has many benefits in terms of couple life.

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