Why can't the baby sleep

Why can't the baby sleep

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The causes for which the child cannot sleep properly at night are quite varied and differ depending on a number of factors: age, health status, discipline, education, etc.

When the child constantly refuses to fall asleep at the time set in the program, frequently wakes up during the night or flips around in an attempt to find the right position for sleep, it is important to find the causes that disturb her sleep and take. quick measures.

Sleep is very important in raising and developing the young child. Specialists claim that, at young ages, the offspring grow the most during the night. Besides growth, sleep has a strong impact on the mental tone. When it is disturbed by various causes, the child has to suffer on all levels.

  • physically - being more prone to diseases and diseases;
  • psychic - he is tired, annoyed and devoid of lust for life,
  • at school - takes bad grades, does not pay attention to hours, cannot focus on homework;
  • socially - he has no appetite for play, is isolated from other children, is irritated, etc.

Not all causes for children of various ages have problems with sleep are serious. Some of the reasons why the child cannot sleep at night are natural or physiological and are part of his development.

Discover the main causes or reasons why children do not sleep well at night!

The baby is newborn or baby

Frequent nocturnal awakening of a newborn or a few months old baby is normal, as it barely adapts to the extrauterine environment and has not yet formed the circadian rhythm.

In the first 2-3 months of life, babies sleep and wake up many times, both during the day and at night.

He does not have a stable sleep routine

The sleep routine, consisting of special activities that "announces" that it is time to fall asleep at a certain time, is essential for the formation of adequate sleep behavior. Begin to apply the sleep routine, consisting of evening bath, massage, reading, darkness and tranquility in the room, from the age of 3-4 months.

If you take care to respect it every evening, in just a few months, the child will be able to sleep alone and without problems at the time set in the program.

Drug treatment

There are drug treatments that can interfere with the baby's night sleep. Before you start worrying about the baby's chaotic sleep, first consult the drug label you are taking at that time.

There are medications, such as colds, flu, allergies or dietary supplements - which have the side effect of drowsiness or, on the contrary, can keep you up all night.

For example, dietary supplements to strengthen the immune system tend to energize the body and disrupt sleep, especially if taken in the evening.

She suffers from sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a serious condition that affects the baby's breathing at night and can affect his sleep. Although it is quite rare in children, obstructive sleep apnea causes symptoms such as snoring and sudden shortness of breath, which slows sleep. It can be treated by the doctor, depending on the cause that triggered it.

Physical or mental overload

The overloaded program of a preschool or school child can cause the occurrence of mental exhaustion and problems with sleep. And physical overload, in the case of demanding sports training, can seriously disrupt the child's night rest.

At preschool and school age, the child must have a balanced program in terms of both physical movement and intellectual effort. Breaks or relaxation must be fully found in the child's daily schedule.

Nightmares and bad dreams

Hateful dreams "haunting" often the quiet sleep of the prichindel at young ages, 2-3 years. It is a natural stage of the child's emotional development, but that can seriously affect his sleep and rest during the night.

It is important to be with them and help them overcome these nighttime "obstacles" with great patience and perseverance.

Has your child ever had problems with sleep? what were the causes? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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