Pregnant and summer!

Pregnant and summer!

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Although the heat outside is deadly, we can go through this season that gives us headaches (... and on our own!) And that makes us suffer and the baby by default!
But, with a little more attention and care, we can continue to be as attractive and confident and more feminine ... due to the fact that due to the heat, we need to wear more dresses, more fluid and vaporous materials.
So: summer, hot and very hot ... and big tummy!
How do we carry our tummy?
The dress - the most expensive garment in this hot period!
They are in great search for very long dresses, up to the ankle, inflated, with various geometric or even simple shapes, but, very important, from the most vaporous materials. Pay attention to how large they are, because they might "widen" us, if we do not choose the one that respects the body line! This type of dress is very well suited to flat sole sandals, the Roman ones, which have an extra advantage: they are also very comfortable!
We can also choose a shorter dress, like a tunic, if the body shapes allow us! Accessorized with a hat and a thin strap over the belly, with a natural flower in the hair, with an enviable attitude, we can really be "enviable"!
The linen - anything but in it!
That is, long or short linen pants, dresses, skirts. It is the most suitable material for this hot period, being comfortable, cool and pleasant! We can choose a pair of long pants to match or with a shirt or t-shirt made of cotton, colored or with various funny designs, or with a shirt or dress or tunic all from linen ... and the hat, which should not be missing from the wardrobe ! All the more so this summer when it is in vogue!
Swimsuit - and pregnant goes to the sea or to the pool, right ?!
There are special swimsuits for pregnant women, from one piece or two pieces, depending on your preferences! Suitable for the beach would be the one of two pieces, and for the pools the one of one piece ... it is not a law but! There is also the two-piece suit, made of bikinis with a specially designed t-shirt to cover the belly (see
The swimsuit is purchased only once during pregnancy, considering that it is designed to stretch with the growth of the belly. Colorful, blooming, simple, he must be accompanied by the endless hat, a nice beach bag, a pareo, creams with great protection, plenty of water for hydration and a good book for relaxation!
In the office - of!
What a shame that we have to go to the office on these hot ones! The linen brings us out of difficulty and to the office: a long linen trousers matched with a shirt or tunic or dress, a dress also colored or cotton, a dress made of a vaporous material, a skirt with a linen jacket, with big wooden accessories, comfortable shoes and a high tone ... guaranteed to successfully overcome, and beautiful above, the heavy summer days!
The accessories - incredible how much the accessories make in an outfit if they are suitable and well matched! As I said before, the hat is endless this summer, the necklaces and bracelets made of wood, the thin straps, the flowers in the hair, if they are natural so much better, sunglasses, large and colorful bags, colorful scarves! But be careful as we match them, because if they are not well chosen and suitable, we risk not having the desired success!
And do not forget! You are the happiest, because there in your belly you have a miracle, which makes you be wonderful too!
Raluca Onescu
Make Dodo Maternity Romania


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