Aleth Naquet in Romania. Conference and workshop: I communicate so there is! Find out the key to happy relationships

Aleth Naquet in Romania. Conference and workshop: I communicate so there is! Find out the key to happy relationships

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Conference and Workshop on Relational Communication through the ESPERE® Method

Discover how you can move from a dysfunctional communication system that engages in conflict and suffering, to relational communication, which can help you maintain healthy and living relationships, along with Aleth Naquet - ESPERE® Method Trainer, created by Jacques Salomé - again in Romania, between 21 and 23 February 2014.

Conference: February 21, 2014, 7:00 pm, in the Capital Plaza in Bucharest.

Workshop: February 22-23, 2014, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm, at the Uzinexport Bussines Center in Bucharest.

Some topics that will be addressed:

  • What does relational communication mean?
  • Harmful effects of a dysfunctional communication system - SAPPE system
  • Tools to identify communication deficiencies that cause conflict and suffering
  • How can one go from a dysfunctional mode of communication to a relational one?
  • It lessens the conflicts in your life and dares to assert yourself
  • How you can listen to your emotions, fears, desires and inner conflicts
  • How to get rid of self-sabotage and harmful beliefs
  • How can you raise a happy child
  • How you can cultivate the 7 most important relationships in your life

During the workshop, during the two days, the participants will find among others:

  • How to get rid of relational toxins (words or gestures received from others that are not good for us - a palm, labels like you are stupid or unkind, etc.)
  • How to handle the negative emotions you face: nerves, fear, disappointment, anger.
  • How to recognize messages that poison and mess up their relationships and turn them into relational messages. For example: instead of saying "you annoy me, you are messy" (toxic message) to say "I get angry when I see the disorder".
  • How to feel freer and happier by differentiating their behaviors.
  • How to listen to be able to more easily manage the situations you face every day.

In a dynamic and lively way, Aleth Naquet allows those who do not know the ESPERE® Method to discover it in a short time, starting from concrete questions and demands, from everyday life.

The events will be supported by Aleth Naquet, specialist and trainer in Relational Communication through the ESPERE® Method. Over 17 years he has formed and initiated several groups of specialists and has held numerous conferences and workshops on topics of relational communication. It was formed in the ESPERE® Method by Jacques Salomé, the author of the method. Aleth Naquet is a founding member of the ESPERE International Institute, whose chair was until 2009. Since 2009 he is the chair of the Supervisory Board of the Institute, the guarantor of the method.

The participants in the workshop will receive an International Certification issued by the ADRES Center - the institution in France authorized by the ESPERE Institute to carry out training programs in the ESPERE® Method in Romania, in collaboration with the AmaneSer Center - the organizer in Romania.

The cost of the workshop is 190 Euro, and this fee includes: participation in the program, course support, translation (Romanian - French, French - Romanian) during the entire program and 2 coffee breaks.

The conference fee is 80 lei. Translation is ensured (Romanian - French, French - Romanian).

For more details and registration:

e-mail: [email protected]

Tel: 021 / 327.54.45 / 0723.396.368


"Using this method of communication, not only has my life changed, but I have seen slowly, many people who asked for my support have regained that inner balance and have managed to better nurture their important relationships, either by couple, with children or professionals. Relational communication helps you find yourself, manage the situations you encounter while maintaining your emotional balance and harmony in your relationships. Thus you have more chances to be happy. "- Claudia Jimeno, Director of the AmaneSer Center.

Conference and workshop: I communicate so there is! Find out the key to happy relationships is organized in Romania through the effort of the AMANESER Personal Development Center (Romania), in partnership with the ADRES Center (France) and with the special support of Jacques Salomé, creator of the ESPERE® Method.


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