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Recovery gymnastics for facial neuritis in children

Recovery gymnastics for facial neuritis in children

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- My little girl was born with a facial neuritis on her right and her mouth was leaking to the side. And what about the same language? He's 9 months old, can he do anything he can talk about? She never pulls the tongue out, as children do, nor when I give them food to put the tip of their tongue to taste. Her tongue was fished after a few days after birth, because she was caught.


The mobility of the speech-language apparatus is essential in the speech act and any problem that arises at its level has repercussions on the speech.
To be able to speak, a complex recovery consisting of neurological treatment, facial massage, electrostimulation under medical supervision (using low and medium frequency currents) and specific gymnastics for the cheeks, lips, tongue such as:
- the swelling of the cheeks and the blowing of their cheeks;
- cheek suggestion;
- blowing in candles, soap balloons or in pieces of paper;
- imitation of the pupate;
- smile;
- vibration of the lips;
- movement of the right tongue - left;
- movement of the tongue down - up.
You can do this gym daily at home, from the moment the little girl collaborates. For the correct accomplishment of each movement the little girl will be assisted by you.