Baby cot, how do we choose it?

Baby cot, how do we choose it?

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The crib of your baby should not be just an interior design piece matched with the rest of the room. Before choosing colors and following the trends in this regard, you must pay attention to details that can make a difference in the health of your child.

The baby spends most of the time in the crib, and it must provide the comfort and safety needed to grow smoothly. Here are some useful tips that can guide you in choosing a safe crib for your baby!

What types of crib are there?

Standard crib - rectangular, does not fold and can have either a folding side or two.

Convertible crib - multifunctional, it can easily be transformed from a baby cot, into one for an older child. Also, fold and deposit during the day. The advantage of such a crib is that you save money and a lot of space.

Round cot - increasingly searching among young families; it has only one folding portion.

Which material is better?

Synthetic - They are usually rectangular in shape and are most often made of plastic. The disadvantage is the rapid attraction of the dust and the lack of resistance of the side parts which, once the baby can get to his feet, could yield much faster than in the case of other materials.

Wood - is the most recommended type of crib, because it offers maximum child safety. The most recommended is hardwood: beech, oak or ash. These beds cannot be folded.

Metal - represents a modern choice, offering a note of elegance and originality. The advantages of this choice are the increased durability and stability, as opposed to those of wood or plastic. Tarpaulins are cribs made of metal and have the advantage of being extremely versatile and practical!

Six Things to watch out for when you buy the crib

1. Make sure that the distance between the cribs of the crib is not greater than 3 cm, so as not to endanger the little one, being able to catch his sleeves or even the stapler between them if the distance is greater.

2. The mattress should be the same size as the bed frame, to avoid the space between it and the bed frame. It must be firm, in order not to risk further spinal disorders and deforming the bony structure of your baby.

3. Carefully identify the defects of the bed to avoid unpleasant surprises: not to have scratches, cracks, sharp corners, to be well assembled all the components, not to have skipped paint, etc.

4. Check if the mattress is adjustable so you can adjust it when the baby starts to grow. When it is very small, you can raise the mattress to a higher height, but once it starts to sit in the bed, you have to leave it below to prevent it from catching the edge of the bed and in the most unfortunate case, to everyone says it. Make sure that the mechanism by which you can adjust the height of the mattress is easy to handle, but so that your little one does not have access to it when playing!

5. Easy moving of the crib through the room is important! It is preferable to choose cots that have wheels to move easily, especially when you want to change the sheets. Metal wheels are much more durable and stable than plastic wheels, and the brake is absolutely necessary to lock the crib.

6. Do not buy a second hand crib! Although you think that this way you save money, in reality things are not so. Firstly, their stability is questioned, the material from which it is made has deteriorated over time, etc. Also, old, retro cribs that are now in high demand can contain traces of lead paint, which is extremely dangerous if your little one gets to ingest it. If you still opt for such a bed, take it to a specialist for refinishing!

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