Breastfeeding can protect you from diabetes

Breastfeeding can protect you from diabetes

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Breastfeeding for a month or more greatly reduces the risk of the mother suffering from diabetes in the future.

It has been shown that there is a link between diabetes and breast-feeding in terms of women's health. It seems that not only do babies benefit from breastfeeding

How does breastfeeding influence the occurrence of diabetes in women?

This influence is most likely explained by the abdominal fat layer, experts say. Non-breastfeeding mothers accumulate more abdominal fat over time than those who do. It is considered that breastfeeding helps a lot in weight loss. Abdominal fat increases the risk of diabetes in women as they get older.

Some theories claim that breastfeeding increases insulin sensitivity, thus reducing the risk of diabetes. But in this case, the results are short-term, as long as breastfeeding lasts. The real problem in this case seems to remain the abdominal fat tissue.

Even women who have gestational diabetes during pregnancy are advised to breastfeed. They have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, so breastfeeding (longer term) may be a preventative measure worth considering.

What do the statistics say?

Statistics from recent studies have shown that, in terms of the risk difference between women who have not breastfed at all and those who have breastfed for at least a month, the premiums were 1.4 times more likely to cause diabetes in the future.

Research conducted on several women, with the specification that some were breastfeeding, others not at all and others never gave birth to a child, reported the percentages of those who had diabetes after the experiment, thus noticing the considerably lower proportion among women who - they breastfed the baby for at least a month. Therefore, they have diabetes:

  • 17.5% of women who have never given birth to a child;

  • 17% of women who have breastfed babies for at least a month or more;

  • 20.3% of those who breastfed only a part of the children they had;

  • 26.7% of mothers who did not breastfeed.

Although obesity and overweight were risk factors present in more than 68% of the cases examined, the average body mass index was 25, experts argue that the theory remains valid. Even after investigating and detecting risk factors for diabetes, such as excess weight, physical activity, family history with people suffering from diabetes, the fact that breastfeeding reduces the risk of developing it remains.

Even if only one month of breastfeeding can make a difference, the doctors involved in this investigation argue that if it is carried out for an even longer period of time, there are more benefits to the mother's body. They recommend that mothers breastfeed exclusively for longer - 6 months or maybe even a year.

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