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The pregnancy diary, what is its usefulness?

The pregnancy diary, what is its usefulness?

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The pregnancy diary can be an unforgettable memory for both you and your future child. Gathering all the thoughts and experiences you have experienced during pregnancy is a special reward for you, but it also has a side of medical utility.

Why is it important to keep a journal during pregnancy?

There is no more wonderful experience than giving birth to a child. And the period in which you keep your belly the fetus is unique and incomparable. Multiple physical, hormonal and psychological changes occur, and the dilemmas and problems you face are multiple. The experience of pregnancy can be extremely stressful, intimate and even disturbing to an extent.

Noting the thoughts and feelings, but also the problems with which you confuse puts you face to face with a reality that you cannot ignore or forget. The quiet moments of introspection and trying to establish a "relationship" with the task that you will experience when you write in the journal will be some of the most important you will experience in this stage.

Also, you will never forget when your baby first hit her tummy, when she started to grow her tummy, her first ultrasound or her first heartbeat. They will be recorded in the journal with precision.

The medical utility of a pregnancy diary

In addition to the fact that you can spread thoughts and feelings that are trying to get you through the pregnancy diary, it can be useful when you are experiencing pathological problems during pregnancy.

You can also use the journal as a record of the analyzes, vitamins and medications you take during pregnancy, as well as the complications that occur. That way, you will never be able to forget the data and products used when the doctor asks you what kind of vitamins you have taken at a given time, for what period of time, whether you have taken a certain medicine or not. The diary will also be a small medical record that could save you in certain delicate medical situations.

If you are dealing with certain conditions you can accurately show the doctor the evolution of the pregnancy with all the problems and recommendations that have arisen and so it will be much easier for him to offer a proper treatment or to know that you no longer have to do a medical analysis that you already have. you did it etc.

It is also a very good way to unload strong emotions, fears, as well as crises of anger and stress that try you. Their scoring can help you relax.

Pregnancy journaling can be essential in the event that you suffer from depression during pregnancy or feel that you cannot cope with certain psychological traumas and call a psychologist. The journal can be your first testimony to the doctor and your most sincere statement.

How to start a pregnancy diary?

It is not at all difficult to start thinking about what will become a beautiful memory for both you and your child. When he grows up, he will know exactly what he did in his tummy and how he appeared in the world.

Purchase a special journal or notebook!

You can choose a simple agenda or you can buy from the trade such books and journals specially created to be more attractive and to produce more emlotia. There are colorful models depending on the gender of the child, structured so that you can attach photos (from the first ultrasound, belly, etc.) plus other functions and accessories as aesthetic and drastic.

Some close with a key, others with a delicate ribbon. You can choose to manually create your own journal and color it and accessorize it according to your preferences.

Schedule your period of the day or week in which you can free your thoughts!

Make yourself a small program that you try to respect. Even if you do not write every day, make sure you set 3-4 days / week to write down the journal. It is important to find the right time of day for you. For example, before you go to bed, before your afternoon sleep, when you wake up, etc.

Free thought!

The journal does not have to have a certain structure and a certain style. You just have to write down what you think. Do not plan a particular story or try to create metaphors. The most emotional phrases are those that come to the soul, simple, sincere, clear, concise. Only when you have to do certain analyzes or take certain medicines do not forget to create a special journal space to write them down. You never know when such information will be helpful.

Write about 20-30 minutes without a break!

Do not make fragmented notations in one day. Do not write one sentence now and another after eating. Gather your thoughts and concentrate for at least 20 minutes to spread them out. The first words are the hardest to write, but then everything will flow. If you are asked a question, you have a dilemma, you are angry or something has made you smile from them and see what follows.

There is no right or wrong template to write in the journal!

There is no style, no rules and no certain structure. Each journal is unique and reflects your thoughts and experiences. Remember that you should not impress anyone in writing, it is not a book you will publish, it is an intimate memory that you will share only with your little one, most likely.

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